When Danity Kane hit the scene in 2006 from MTV’s legendary show Making the Band, audiences watched as Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day, Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres, and Wanita “D. Woods” Woodgette came together through a challenging and selective process headed by no other than Bad Boy Records founder, Sean “Diddy” Combs. Through watching Danity Kane form and record their debut self-titled album to their second (and final album under Bad Boy) “Welcome to the Dollhouse,” each member has had a unique fashion style throughout the transition.

All the ladies of Danity Kane have added their own aesthetic and style to the group. Collectively, they come together and dazzle and individually they retain what makes them unique. We can’t wait for their return and see their style evolve further!

We’re ranking the 5 original members by style and uniqueness. Check out the list!

by Jeff Perkins

Dawn Richard

Dawn Richard

Style Rank: 1

Dawn Richard’s style has been the most evolutionary and unique out of the original Danity Kane group. From her beginnings in the group as a songbird from New Orleans to her work with Diddy-Dirty Money and her many solo projects, her style has changed from a team player to a solo creator. She went from the expected middle American look to experiment with futuristic characters that harmonized with the texture of music she created.

Style Flaw: When you go big you can end up in a museum or like Joan Rivers. The risks Dawn Richard takes are not for all to try because she is continuously pushing the limits of her fashion sensibility. From her hair to her accessories, there can be some dizzying changes within Dawn’s style. But that is the key to her uniqueness and gives her the number 1 spot on the list.

Shannon Bex

Shannon Bex

Style Rank: 2

Shannon Bex, the country belle of Danity Kane, has a style that incorporates poise and grace, which ensures she will get an invite for Ina Garten’s house party. It has a classic feel to it and she even incorporates some of that Western feel in some of her looks.

Style Flaw: Basketball coach says repetition is a key to success, but that’s not a rule for fashion. Variety is the preference. Shannon is locked into a predictable collection. Shannon’s style could evolve over time in a good way if she stepped out of her comfort zone a little more.

Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O’Day

Style Rank: 3

Aubrey O’Day, the “bad girl” and vixen of the group, has never been afraid to express her sexuality through her style. It’s definitely out there and changes. Aubrey expresses herself vividly leaving plenty to the imagination as to what her unclothed body looks like.

Style Flaw: Expression can be a hit-or-miss. Aubrey definitely isn’t afraid to be daring, but sexiness doesn’t mean revealing every curve. She’s not a soccer mom, but a sense of appropriateness can draw the same amount of attention. But it wouldn’t be Aubrey if it weren’t!

D. Woods

D. Woods

Style Rank: 4

It was easy to spot D. Woods in the group; she was the one with the athletic shape (read as the curves). As Danity Kane was aiming for pop culture supremacy, D. Woods retained an urban appeal starting with an asymmetrical haircut.

Style Flaw: D. Woods knows what works best for her, but she could probably explore further as well. D. Woods hair is always full and pushed to one side usually, making us wonder what other styles she could explore or try out to make her already great look even better.



Style Rank: 5

Pulling from the vibes of her southern California upbringing, Aundrea is often draped in fun bright colors for a chic fit that matches her cheery energy. These tones pop off her complexion and the well-cut garments ensure the shortest DK member is not confused for a teenager.

Style Flaw: Aundrea always seems to choose outfits that work best with her style, which is casual, but still fun. Every day is not a runway show, but some of her selections work better for a teenager rather than platinum selling singer.