B5 Talks New Album, Their Sound, Sticking Together, The Industry & More

B5 did it like only Bad Boys could the first time around, but now they are back and doing it their way. They are older and have much more to say to their adoring fans, which have always been loyal to these young singers. We had a chance to chop it up with B5 and to get in their business.

Focusing On Music … Actually, we are focusing on the new music. Our album is coming out at the beginning of next year, so it is getting close. We are not finished with the album yet though. We have three or four really dope producers. We have a little more to do, but for the most part it’s a really good body of work.

Our Sound … It’s a Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B mix. You know how music is now …fused from everywhere. It is a mix.

Back in the Day … Back then it was about performing and doing songs. Now, it is about connecting with your fans and making sure they know you as a person. That’s definitely a big deal for us.

A Few Male Groups … There are a lack of successful male groups because it’s not easy to find a group of guys that have chemistry. It is hard to put a bunch of males together, make them work and push them out. To make it work, it’s not as easy as you think. They say breaking a male group is harder than breaking a solo artist.

Industry Tough … The industry toughens you up. You have to have tough skin to be in this industry to deal with the obstacles this industry throws at you. There are a lot of things you plan out but do not work so you have to adapt and roll with it.

Brothers 4 Ever … If we were not brothers we probably would have broken up a long time ago. We have the same chemistry and the same dream. Even if someone did a solo project we would support him, but the group is the base. This is forever.

Shout Out … We appreciate the fans rocking with us for so long. We love our fans and we appreciate them for sticking with us. When we released “Say Yes,” we got a lot of love for that, so we want to say thank you for that too.


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