Mali Nicole Talks Music, Beyonce and Michael Jackson, Strong Voice, Maintaining Balance, More

After gaining fame as a member of fan-favorite family group Statik Express on Fox’s X Factor, 17-year old Mali Nicole is ready to stand-alone and showcase her God given talent to the world. With inspiration from late music legends Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson and current superstar Beyonce, Mali’s passion for music has helped her create a point of view that she can’t wait for her fans to hear. Check out the newcomer as she talks her idols, her debut EP, fashion style and more.

Do you come from a musical family or is music something that just found you?

Music definitely runs in my family. My mom, grandma, aunties and uncles all sing. I believe that my mom is the reason my voice is as strong as it is. She has been coaching me ever since I can remember.

When did you know you wanted to be serious about music and why?

I've been singing all my life, and I decided to take my career seriously when I was 10. My siblings and I created a group called "Statik Express," which made it to the "Top 30" finalists on X Factor! That's when I realized singing was something I really wanted to do. I love being on stage and performing for people. It's such a fun, great experience!

What artist(s) (past or present) inspire you?

I have many inspirations, some of them being my parents. They inspire me to stay grounded and always give my all to what I love doing. They're basically my life coaches. I would also say that I'm truly inspired by Beyonce and Michael Jackson because I'm a big fan of their hard work and stage presence. I can see that they're passionate about what they love to do, and that inspires me to stay working hard and give my all.

As a young female singer, what do you find to be the most complicated thing about the music business?

Maintaining balance is very challenging for me. I'm a senior in high school now, so I have to really be on top of my game. I embrace my challenges because music is something I really love and want to do.

Do you write your own material? Tell me about your creative process.

Yes, I do write my own music. I just write about my life. All of my writing is influenced by my personal experiences.

Outside of music, what are some of the things you like to do?

Social media of course Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! I also love reading and going to the mall with my friends.

Tell me about your upcoming project.

My EP is titled Confessions of a Teenager. I am really excited about it because I worked with great producers like DJ Mustard and C Ballin. There are also some really cool features on the EP, so stay tuned!

What should new fans take away from your music?

My fans will definitely get to know me more after listening to my music. I've worked really hard in the studio on this project, and I want my fans to really get a feel of my sound and my point of view. That's what I really want the world to take away from my album.

How would you describe your fashion style?

I like to wear anything that makes a statement. My style varies– sometimes I dress casually or even really dressy but it always has to be funky with swag lol!

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