Melanie Fiona Enjoying Her Creative Freedom Following Label Departure

Grammy Award winning songstress Melanie Fiona isn't worrying about a major record deal right now following her departure from Universal Republic.

The Canadian singer, songwriter is making power moves with her Roc Nation family, recently inking a deal with Pepsi and Complex to release music on her own terms. The first offering from the new partnership is the promotional single “Cold Piece,” which recently received video treatment.

"I’m at a place where I can make music very creatively free, and working with Pepsi was just very easy," Fiona told Billboard. "With labels, there’s a whole plan and everybody’s talking about all these different things at once. But with Pepsi and Complex, it was just, ‘here’s some of our ideas, what are yours, and we’ll see you on the day of the shoot.’ It was very relaxed and wasn’t stressful at all. And to know that they wanted to create a visual for it was so cool – I wouldn’t have had my own ice cream truck with my name on it had I done this myself! It’s like, wild."

To know Melanie is to love her, so we are sure whatever endeavor she follows, it will be successful. Kudos to Pepsi for recognizing her greatness.

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