Adrienne Bailon Talks “Church Girl” Message, “The Real” Experience, Fall Fashion, New Music Dish, More

Adrienne Bailon’s career has spanned almost 15 years, having stepped her talents into music (3LW), acting (Cheetah Girls), entrepreneur (Fingernail Fetish), and talk show host (“The Real” alongside Tamar Braxton, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, and Tamera Mowry-Housley), all the while becoming quite the socialite and fashionista.

Her newest venture is her new role in the faith-based film “I’m In Love With A Church Girl,” alongside Ja Rule, which hits theaters this Friday (Oct. 18). Along with visiting churches around the country with gospel artists and the film’s producer, Israel Haughton, Adrienne took the time to catch Singersroom up on everything she’s been doing lately; from the new film, fashion and her nail polish line, to what she wants to be for Halloween.

Singersroom: You’re starring with Ja Rule in the upcoming film "I’m In Love With A Church Girl". Tell us about that.

Adrienne Bailon: I am so excited for people to see this movie. It’s a faith-based movie, I had a great time filming it and really have enjoyed promoting it as well. We literally have been doing tours where we go to different churches and obviously, Israel Houghton, who I’m a huge fan of, he’s got an incredible voice, he’s our executive producer. Just doing this run has been an incredible experience for me. The movie is about change, it’s about how God can use anything or anyone to change your life, and in this case it was a church girl. It’s based on a true story, the story of Galley Molina, who wrote the script. It’s about how he, in real life, was one of the biggest drug traffickers in the Bay Area and he met a woman, who completely changed his life around, made him want to change his life and his ways. It’s a true testimony that your past does not determine your future, and I think it’s got an incredibly great message excited for people to see it.

Singersroom: Since you play a “church girl” in the movie, is your character in the choir? Do you sing?

Bailon: There definitely is great music in the movie, Israel Houghton actually wrote original songs for the soundtrack including the single which is called “Sunday Kind Of Love,” but no, I stuck to acting in this film. She [her character Vanessa Leon] doesn’t sing in this film and Ja does not rap.

Singersroom: How’s the vegan nail polish line Fingertip Fetish going?

Bailon: It’s going really great. You can get it online at Also it’s in a few boutique spots, the Bellagio in Vegas is carrying it. It’s awesome, it’s very grass roots, it’s something we did on our own, and I’m very proud of it because just by word of mouth people are hearing and talking about it. It’s a cool line, it’s a luxury, vegan polish, and what’s great about it is that, a lot of luxury vegan lines have a lot of muted colors, and we did the first collection which is the Made in NYC collection. It’s bright, it’s fun, we named polishes after different places in New York City, so a mint green is called Lady Liberty, there’s a bright yellow called Hail a Cab, there’s BX Bomber with a Yankee blue color, Trendy Soho is hot pink. Metro Metallic is a silver color like the train, so it definitely reflects the energy of New York City in the colors.

Singersroom: What was your experience like on the “The Real” with the other ladies?

Bailon: I had an amaaazing time doing that show. I come from a family of strong women and it just reminded me of hanging out with my cousins, my sister, my mom, my aunts and us just piling up in the kitchen and having a conversation. Actually, it’s funny cause sometimes I would forget that is was a job. I would feel like I just hair and makeup to go and hang out with my girlfriends. We had great chemistry and we now have a great friendship we’re like a sisterhood.

Singersroom: So fashion; on the show you wanted to change up your image, but it seems like you’re always very fashionable! How important is fashion to you?

Bailon: Fashion, for me is important because it’s an expression of myself and it’s a lot a fun and I think I’m a girly girl. I love, love, love getting dressed, going places and I’ve tried to be pretty fearless. As I’m getting older I’m learning a lot more about what I want my clothing to reflect and I think when you’re younger, you don’t think things through that way. So I’ve learned a lot, and hopefully that shows in the fashion choices I pick.

Singersroom: What are your must-have looks for this fall?

Bailon: Booties! I’m obsessed with great ankle booties. I also want some great over the knee boots. Those are definitely gonna be come of my favorites.

Singersroom: Do you like the sneaker wedge trend?

Bailon: I’m more of a stiletto girl.

Singersroom: What’s on Adrienne’s music playlist right now?

Bailon: I’m obsessed with Israel’s Houghton’s album, Jesus at the Center. Literally obsessed, it’s not normal, I listen to that album nonstop, and I listen to Drake’s album, as well. And of course, Jay Z, Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Singersroom: Any new music coming from yourself?

Bailon: Yeah, I’m actually in the studio right now. I’m working with Ne-Yo and Compound and probably the next thing you’ll hear will be a Christmas album, so we’re working on some Christmas songs right now.

Singersroom: Do you still keep in touch with former band mates Kiely Williams, Naturi Naughton, or Raven Symone from the Cheetah Girls?

Bailon: I don’t, I keep in touch with Naturi, from 3LW, but that’s about it.

Singersroom: Your birthday’s coming up (Oct 24). Care to disclose any plans?

Bailon: I’m doing a big party in New York City and then I’m going on vacation for 8 days.

Singersroom: What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Bailon: In the past, my favorite was Turks and Caicos — I had an amazing time there. And I went to place called Mauritius once that was absolutely amazing, it’s an island off the coast of South Africa.

Singersroom: I was going to ask you what you’re going to be for Halloween, but it sounds like you’re going to be on an island somewhere not thinking about Halloween!

Bailon: I knooow, I’m excited about that but I did have something in mind. I kinda wanted to be The Little Mermaid cause they just re-released the HD version of it, or Jessica Rabbit. Both of them have red hair, so I don’t know what the thing was with that. I had a red hair moment.


Saying : “Hold Please!” I don’t know what that’s about but I say that all the time. Like if I’m on the phone and someone else starts talking to me, I’ll tell them “hold please!” Or funny enough, just recently, somebody asked me to follow them on Twitter, and I followed the wrong one. And they were like “that’s not the right one,” and I was like “hold please” while I unfollow the person that I just followed. I kinda use it for everything.

Clothing brand: I really love Alexander Wang, and I love Zara.

T.V. Show: Breaking Bad, but it just ended.

Book: The Four Agreements

Actor/Actress: Julia Roberts

Sport and/or team: Basketball, and I love the Knicks.

Physical trait on the opposite sex: Hands, I love big hands.