John Legend on Kanye West: ‘He’s Not A Crazy Person’

John Legend says Kanye is normal to him.

Put on the spot during an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" earlier this week, John Legend was forced to discuss Kanye, baby North West and that infamous Funny or Die clip of him walking around his house doing various things in the nude.

"I haven't met baby North yet, but Kanye is normal a lot of the time. I write with him. I'm in the studio with him a lot of the time. He's just a normal funny guy most of the time," John Legend says in the clip below. "But you know, he's different. He's special. Honestly I always wonder, in my heart of hearts, like, does he do some of the things he does because he knows everyone is going to go crazy about it? Is he behind the scenes just calculating and making you all think he's crazy? When he's around me I feel like he's not a crazy person."

In related news, John Legend says he's not into walking around nude or participating in a nudist type lifestyle.

"Occasionally I walk around naked, but it's not a normal thing. I don't live a nudist's life," said Legend. "We thought we'd have some fun with it and I thought we did a good job."