Jody Watley Is Back And Talking About The Newest Dance Moves…Waacking

Without a doubt, Jody Watley was and still is a trendsetter. She taught many how to move on Soul Train, how to groove as a member of Shalamar and she showed fans how hard it is to find a friend or love as a solo artist. She has spent her years being fabulous and showing us how to be fabulous one step at a time. Jody Watley quickly talked to us about her favorite spot in L.A. and the dance movement.

“Giorgios Modern Discotheque at the Standard Hotel is in L.A. Its probably the hottest club in the country. People come to dance and sweat their glamour off … it is not pretentious in any type of way,” she told Singersroom.

On her current favorite moves Ms. Watley said, “My favorite dance now is waacking, which precedes vogueing. It is all about hitting the beat. Everyone is waacking … black, white, Asian and Latino. I featured it in my “Still A Thrill” video. There was a time when everyone had to learn all the new dances… everyone was dancing. Today, younger people and the young at heart are starting to get back to moving and dancing again.”

People are still doing the dance and are taking waacking to the next level.

Princess Lockeroo "Nightlife"

Hong King Friday Waacking – "Nightlife"

Maya Hong Kong -"Nightlife"