Ryan Tedder: Beyonce’s Fifth Album Will Be Mind Blowing

Could the wait for Beyonce's anticipated follow up to "4" be just about over? While it's not clear if we'll hear about a release date or a new single in the coming weeks, hit making producer and writer Ryan Tedder says Beyonce's next album will be nothing short of "mind blowing."

Tedder spoke those words in a recent interview with The Herald Sun, also speaking about Adele and her return to music.

"Adele sounds even better than before. I love where she’s at, she’s still my favorite artist in the world. I would press pause on my entire life if it meant I could go into the studio for a month straight with her," Tedder said of working with Adele. "And Beyonce’s album will be mind blowing."

All of that said, it will be interesting to see and hear what both women have been working on when the time is right. And hopefully that time is right around the corner.

In related news, Ryan Tedder says aspiring stars should value themselves and not take what might seem like the easy route — taking their clothes off.

"I want teenagers to be motivated to work hard, learn to write songs, practice your instruments," says Tedder. "Become a phenomenal talent like Adele or Beyonce. Don't just take your damn clothes off.''