Jill Scott on Movies: ‘I’m Looking For Real Writers’

Jill Scott is not quick to jump on any role or script that happens to be thrown her way. With credits including "Why Did I Get Married?," "Sins of the Mother" and "Steel Magnolias," the award-winning actress and recording artist says a lot of thought goes into taking on roles. In fact, one thing she really looks at is the quality of the writing and storytelling.

"It’s the director, it’s the role, it’s the cast, and it’s the writing, first and foremost. I want to read and see the person inside these words. I’m a lover of words. I’m looking for that. It has to be water to swim in, not just paper lying flat on the table," Scott told Black Film in a recent interview. "I’m looking for real writers that paint pictures of people and a director that will allow me find it. I love when a director tweaks it because that’s exciting."

Later this week, Jill Scott will be seen in the comedy flick, "Baggage Claim," as a flight attendant that comes to the aid of a friend with a feisty, flirtatious and sort of "man-eater" kind of complex. The movie opens Friday, September 27.

As previously reported, Jill Scott is also working on a new album. Her last, "The Light of the Sun," was released in 2011.