[Artist Watch] London Gets ‘Higher,’ Talks Three W’s of Inspiration, Oakland’s R&B Legacy, More

Not to be confused with the capitol city in the United Kingdom, Bay Area’s London invites you to his creative jurisdiction Londonland for an R&B stay.

After catching the ears of industry heavyweights Ron "Neef-U" Feemster, Mike City, and Ne-Yo with his unique style, he collaborated with them to form a demo sent to Universal/London A&R, who signed him to the label. Unfortunately, his project was shelved. But not to be defeated, London broke away from the label and is now independently readying his upcoming project Welcome To Londonland, coming this fall. Headed by the first single “Higher,” a futuristic slow jam, London is prepared to finally unleash his sound that has label heads buzzing.

The singer-songwriter participated in a short Q&A with Singersroom about the concept behind the video for “Higher” (see below), the three “W’s” of his inspiration, his list of faves, and more. Get acquainted with London below:

Singersroom: What’s the concept behind the “Higher” video?

London: The visuals are a little different from what you would expect from an R&B artist coming outta Oakland, but the video is simply different levels of elevation and going "Higher."

Singersroom: What makes your sound unique?

London: I think all the Sunny D I drank as a kid gave me solar energy and its now coming through in my music.

Singersroom: Other than your voice, do you play any instruments?

London: The voice is an instrument…I play vocal cords.

Singersroom: Who are your musical influences?

London: Women, weed, weather, and some of the classic R&B greats before my time. There's many, so all of them who had an impact on the R&B game.

Singersroom: What's the concept behind Welcome to Londonland?

London: It's an intro to everything London, and a welcome back to classic R&B songs that have been missing.

Singersroom: Oakland has a strong R&B history (Keyshia Cole, Goapele, En Vogue, The Pointer Sisters, Sly Stone, etc). What’s your take on the current R&B scene in Oakland?

London: You forgot Tony Toni Tone, who was one of the biggest R&B influences from Oakland and what they did in the game, but the Oakland music scene is alive and well. With new talent like myself, ROD, Adrian Marcel, 1-O.A.K, and a few others on the male R&B side, we're lookin good. Also to name a few females, with new comer Takiyah Suhail, Netta B, Mara Hruby, and a few others, I'd say Oakland is holding it down on the R&B scene.

Singersroom: You’ve worked with Ne-Yo, Rodney Jerkins, James Fauntleroy. Who else would you like to work with?

London: To be honest, I really don't care to work with many others cause at this point I would like to brand my own sound with my favorite producer and good friend Shonuff, who is also a native of Oakland. But if I had a chance to work with Pharrell, I'd fasho do that.

Singersroom: What’s next for London?

London: Making a name for myself and creating a long lasting music career amongst the greatest to every do it.


Celeb Crush: Every beautiful single lady out there that's tryna choose up on skinny mac'n lol. I want em all.

Current song: "All my shit" meaning all my music

Sport/Team: Raiders/Warriors

Past Time/Hobby: Basketball/Bowling/Ping Pong

TV Show: TV sucks

City: Oakland

Drink: Hennessy

Quote: ACTION!!!/OLE'!!!

Watch the music video for London's "Higher"