It was over a year ago that Vali introduced herself to Singersroom with the pop-dance single “Polaroid.” On her return to SR, Vali scooped up labelmate Wiz Khalifa for “Dimes.” The original track is a gritty-pop music offering, on par with the current trends, and a complement to Vali’s cheery voice. The self-proclaimed “Urban Hepburn” quickly made an impact this week by charting on the top of Indie Rotation.

Typically, actors transitioning to professional singers are not given a pass, but Mack Wilds a.k.a Tristan Wilds is being endorsed for his music talent. With his album, New York: A Love Story, dropping September 17, 2013, Mack is releasing songs. The fresh cut “Henny,” reforms Mobb Deep’s “Burn” from the violent head buster to a smooth dating profile for ladies interested in a man that balances hood and presidential characteristics.

Jade Novah popped onto the radar with “Show Out.” The title matches the unfolding melodramatic tale of ending your legacy before it is earned. “I wanted to create a song that could allow people to be proud of their “spotlight moments,” whatever they may be,” state Jade. The single is attached to ‘In Search of Me’, a project due out later this year.

Also falling into the top ten indie songs this week are Arima Ederra, D. Woods, Ro James, Novel, Lyrica Anderson, Tiffany Evans, and Ginette Claudette.

Singersroom’s “Indie Rotation” is a weekly evaluation of the latest singles, leaks, and releases from independent artists. Each Saturday we will deliver a list that showcases the week’s hottest records based on our editorial staff, listeners feedback and spins.

Vali - Dimes Ft. Wiz Khalifa

Vali – Dimes Ft. Wiz Khalifa

The beautiful New York native Vali just touched down with Wiz Khalifa with her new joint “Dimes“. This song has dope head knocking flow that gets you in the mood and is righ for the club.

Mack Wilds - Henny

Mack Wilds – Henny

Actor Mack (Tristan) Wilds is transitioning nicely into being known a music artist. It’s not always an easy task to cross over into another leg of the entertainment industry, but Wilds is serving up some heat with “Henny,” his follow up to “Own It.”

Jade Novah - Show Out

Jade Novah – Show Out

Singer-songwriter/actress Jade Novah has perked the ears of many with her Youtube videos of cover songs and acting sketches, racking up millions of views. The Cleveland native aims to form her own unique sound by bringing Broadway theatrics to R&B on “Show Out.”

Ginette Claudette - Tainted Emotions

Ginette Claudette – Tainted Emotions

The beautiful singer-songwriter Ginette Claudette gives her fans “” off of the new upcoming EP also entitled “Tainted Emotions”. This joint is big and full of emotion as she talks about love and emotions.

Ro James - Lisa Ft. Asher Roth

Ro James – Lisa Ft. Asher Roth

As Ro James readies the second installment Jack, of his three-part series Coke, Jack, & Cadillacs, the edgy crooner releases a cut from the EP called “Lisa,” a song about dating around and not being fully satisfied, comparing the new ones to what you left.

Lyrica Anderson - Unf**k You

Lyrica Anderson – Unf**k You

In her latest single “UNF**K YOU,” off of ‘King Me 2‘, singer Lyrica Anderson wishes to undo what some may call the most intimate action out there.

Novel - Molly

Novel – Molly

In his new single “Molly,” Novel sings about an encounter and woman that was worth remembering. Guess that night was too important to stay in Vegas, find out why above.

D Woods - Gold Mine

D Woods – Gold Mine

D. Woods may not be with Danity Kane, but that’s because she’s working on her own thing. Enter “Gold Mine,” her new single from her upcoming My Favorite Color, Volume 2 EP.

Tiffany Evans - Naked

Tiffany Evans – Naked

Songstress Tiffany Evans bares her soul, leaving her emotionally vulnerable and exposed in this unreleased track “Naked,” originally intended for her second album Perfect Imperfection.

Arima Ederra - Old New School Love

Arima Ederra – Old New School Love

Arima Ederra captures that ethereal feeling when love is new, jazzy and exciting in her groove “Old New School Love,” a promo single in between projects.