Marques Houston Talks “Famous,” Music Hiatus, Challenge As a Solo Artist, Negativity, More

Marques Houston, known as "Batman" or "MH", has many titles under his belt these days: singer, songwriter, executive producer, and actor. The "Clubbin" singer has been in the industry for over 20 years and he doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. Many know him as R&B group IMX's frontman or his role as Roger Evans on the television sitcom, Sister Sister. Even though Houston is a multi-tasker, he reconciled with his first love, music. A new album is the works for the R&B singer and he took a few minutes out of his hectic schedule to chat with Singersroom about the new LP, his upcoming projects, challenges of being a solo artist, and why the hiatus was necessary for the new album, Famous.

Production and Writing Process Behind "Famous" … The production and writing process was literally inspired by my fans. I took a couple years away from music to work on my film and television career, also as an Executive Producer, I produced 4 films over the past couple years. But in between that time, I still would do shows and make appearances, and everywhere I went, my fans requested new music, so it finally hit me to record a new album and the entire process in the studio was trying to make great music for the fans out there.

"Famous" versus Other Albums … This one is different because I've grown, I've matured and I see music a lot different than before. This album is very soulful like a "Prince" or "D' Angelo" vibe. Very musical and very heartfelt. It's all about love!

Producers On The Radar – I would love to work with Kanye West – he is a genius.

Hiatus was Needed to Grow As An Artist … I believe in taking time away from your craft every now and then to only strengthen it. It definitely made me a better musician.

Biggest Challenge As a Solo Artist … The biggest challenge is reinventing yourself every time. It's hard to come up with new ideas to stay fresh and not get caught into your own bubble, which is why I always keep an eye on the industry just so I never fall behind.

Prioritizing Your Time With Recording, Touring, Acting, and Personal Life … Scheduling is KEY!

Avoiding Negativity and Confrontations … I know who I am, and the people closest to me know who I am, so it doesn't matter what anyone else says about me or believes or makes up about me because at the end of the day, I'm loved by the people most important to me!

Upcoming Projects Outside of Music … I have a project called "The Love Letter," which is an upcoming film I just finished with "The Up" Network.

R&B Today versus The 90s … A state of 911! And I, along with all the rest of the real artists out there need to bring it back

IMX Reunion In The Future .. We'll have to wait and see ;-)