WIN AN IPAD MINI: Enter New Comer Yenn’s Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate the release of her U.S. debut single, "I Don't Need You To Love Me," featuring Legacy from the New Boyz, new comer Yenn has partnered with Singersroom for the ultimate fan Scavenger Hunt & Giveaway, "I Don't Need You To Love Me, But I Need This to Win."

Although Yenn refuses love from a cheating beau, she loves her growing fan base and she wants to reward you. Read the contest rules below and submit your entries to the below email.

Scavenger Hunt Rules

1. All Scavenger Hunt participants must live in the United States to win. One winner from the following cities will win an iPad mini; Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and San Francisco. Winners must provide proof that you live in specified cities. There will also be one iPad mini awarded to a winner from any state other than the five just mentioned, for a total of six iPad minis given away.
2. You must complete every task on the list to win.
3. The Scavenger Hunt lasts until a winner has been awarded in each city. After a winner has been announced in your city the Scavenger Hunt is over.
4. All items on the list must be obtained legally. Please keep it that way, as neither Yenn nor any organization affiliated with Yenn will be held responsible if you or any participant within your group ends up in trouble with the authorities, in jail, or having done something that really wish they hadn't.
5. If an item on the list calls for an action, we are looking for video/photo proof that you did it.
6. Photos should only be digitally edited when explicitly required. And when we say "take a picture", we don't mean out of a shoe box or off the internet.
7. Absolutely no sabotage or theft of other peoples' items. We will not tolerate cheaters. We want fair play here, and sabotage in all forms is sufficient grounds for immediate disqualification and also we could strongly dislike you forever.
8. Contestants must arrange all pictures and video into one clip and upload it to your YouTube page to be judged. Once uploaded please send a link of your clip to Entries will be judged upon a first come first served basis.
9. Winners shall be picked by judges according to whoever satisfactory finishes the list first from each city.

Scavenger Hunt List

1) A picture of you holding a restaurant napkin
2) A picture of you holding a take-out menu from a Vietnamese restaurant
3) A picture of you standing next to a Da Nhat Yen poster printout
4) A picture of you holding a change of address card from the post-office
5) A picture of you holding a receipt for 30 cents worth of gas
6) A clip of you winning a race against a dog
7) A picture of you holding a pink Sanrio Hello Kitty eraser
8) A clip of a person blowing out candles on their birthday cake.
9) A picture of someone standing next to Yenn's new single promo poster(posters are given away free at
10) A picture of you in front of an ice cream truck
11) A video clip of a chef singing the chorus of Yenn's new single "I Don't Need You To Love Me"
12) A video clip of you and a friend in a ninja fight in front of a movie theatre
13) A picture of you on a high diving board
14) A clip of you singing at a karaoke bar
15) A clip of a dog relieving himself on a fire hydrant
16) A clip of you buying a pack of cookies with pennies only
17) A clip of a fax machine receiving an enlarged copy of a 2-dollar bill

Submit & Confirm your entry at

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