Anthony Hamilton and Fantasia Bring Heartfelt Performance To The Garden (Concert Review)

On Friday, April 29th, RCA Records platinum recording artists Anthony Hamilton and Fantasia hit the stage at Madison Square Garden. The sold out affair was a special treat for New York natives and an early present for Mother’s Day. The North Carolina natives are known for their electrifying voices, so music lovers were eager to witness the magic!

Before the Grammy award-winning artists stepped on stage, comedian Kevin “Damn Fool” Simpson entertained the crowd with his jokes. “Damn Fool” was authentic and comical. Audience members laughed hysterically. Almost every audience member added him on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Once “Damn Fool” exited the stage, Anthony Hamilton captivated the audience’s attention during his set. Hamilton reintroduced his Southern sound for those who are not familiar with his work.  Hamilton has the total package for fans: talent, looks, God-fearing, and humorous. He wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable in front of the audience, especially when he sharing his ongoing love and mercy for God. Hamilton sang some of his chart-topping records including “Cool,” “Comin’ Where I Come From,” “The Point of It All,” “Her Heart,” “So In Love,” “Diamond in the Rough,”  his latest singles “Amen” and “What I’m Feelin,” and of course his signature hit, “Charlene.” He also honored the late Prince during his set.

Then it was time for the rock-soul diva Fantasia to bless the stage; fans were ready to experience an array of emotions with the singer, who utilized her gift in the most compelling way and kept it real with the audience. She sang her smash hits including “Doin’ Me,” “Without Me,” ” Superwoman,” “No Time for It,” “Bittersweet,” two new songs from her upcoming album,  and her number one record, “When I See You.” When Fantasia sang “When I See You,” fans were ecstatic because everyone can relate to this song. Both men and women shared their appreciation for the people who added a special addition in their lives.

However, there were a few downfalls during Fantasia’s segment. Fantasia’s honored the late Prince, but fans wanted Fantasia to sing more of her records, and many fans felt cheated. They understood the importance of acknowledging forefathers in music, but they wanted to see her more. They understood the importance of acknowledging forefathers in music, but they wanted to see her more.  Fantasia’s constant wardrobe changes also played a role, which caused fans to lose patience after awhile.

Overall, Anthony Hamilton and Fantasia took fans on a musical journey and sang from the heart. Both singers added a modern twist to their Southern sound which was a plus because it exemplifies their originality and creativity. The concert was a great way to start off the spring tour for R&B music. These two entertainers touch people hearts through song because they made you laugh, cry, smile, and re-discover your purpose in life.