The-Dream Sings The Blues, Performs ‘Too Early’ on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ (Video)

As The-Dream’s IV Play makes a lackluster debut (No. 16) in its first week, the producer-turned singer took the blues-tinged “Too Early” to “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on Friday night (June 7).

Often deemed the music of our parents and grandparents, it’s rare to hear a straight-up blues song performed on today’s mainstream media; not to forget that the “B in “R&B” stands for blues! But The-Dream decided to showcase the standout track from his album on late night national television, transforming the Jimmy Fallon show into the days of a smoky juke joint. Featuring the drum stylings of house band drummer Questlove and a slow burning guitar solo from guitarist Gary Clark, Jr., he even took it to church towards the end.

Check out The-Dream's bluesy performance below: