Omarion Talks Maturity, Being Accepted As An Adult Artist

Is Omarion looked at as a mature, grown man at this point or do you still look at him in a B2K teen singer kind of light?

Following mature efforts, including "Care Package," Omarion believes that fans, especially those that grew up with him, are able to understand where he's coming from as an adult.

"My fans that have stuck with me since that time up until now have experienced life the way that I have experienced life. Either you get better or worse with it, but whatever it is, it’s progressiveness. We’ve experienced love and love lost. The difference for me would be my approach [to music] and being able to speak with them since we’ve kind of grew up together, just in a more mature fashion," Omarion shared with Vibe Vixen in a recent interview.

Working on a new album, Omarion went on to say that he's trying new things and ways to make his music "bigger and better."

"I think my words are clearer. They can understand where I’m coming from," he shared. "I don’t want to say it’ll be an extension of Care Package because it was great, but I’m always pushing to try new things and do it bigger and better. I will say that sonically, it will be a part two, a continuation."