SWV Talks R&B Now, Sexed Up Music Instead Of Love Making, Being Attacked Socially, More

21 years ago, SWV released their debut album, It's About Time, in 1992. From that point on, SWV (Sisters With Voices) recorded several platinum hits that everyone loves, especially 90's babies. Who doesn't love SWV? They are beautiful, talented, and are excellent vocalists. The industry embraced Coko, Taj, and Lelee's biggest hits: "Right Here (Human Nature)," "I'm So Into You," "You're Always on My Mind," "Use Your Heart," "Co- Sign" and their number one hit, "Weak". The trio is still considered to be one of the best selling female R&B groups of all-time. Outside of music, the trio completed solo projects and embraced marriage and motherhood. These days, the ladies are stronger than ever and ready of what's to come in the future. After their concert at SOBs recently, Singersroom conversed with the ladies about their ongoing love for music, their outlook on R&B now, and respecting other R&B artists in the industry today.

SWV, Still One of the Best Female R&B Groups: It's a blessing! It's truly a blessing! Just happy and excited! We're just blessed!

Reuniting As a Group Again: We were young! We matured throughout the years. We were bored at home, not doing anything. It was just time. The industry was just empty. Of course, it changed and it changed in the worst way. Radio is different now, so why not bring a little SWV flavor?

Favorite Hits as a Group: All of them! We love them all! [Lelee] I love the title track of our first album, It's About Time. We have yet to sing that song. And I am hoping we can sing it. [Coko] Maybe we'll remake that song and play it on the radio. I would love to remake some of the old songs. I would love to re-sing "Love is So Amazing," because I don't like how I did it on that record.

SWV's Ways of Reforming R&B in Today's Era: Remove the internet, the internet is the damn devil! It only works to your advantage sometimes. [Taj] Also social media! I think social media has dropped a barrier between fans and artists. I think it's unfair that fans can attack us and we can't do anything about it. It should be if you attack me, I'm going to attack you. [Lelee] We can't get mad and say "F" you. We can't do nothing. Because if someone hears, they'll say she stank or she ain't real.

Missing in R&B Music Today: Not enough romance, everything is about sex. [Lelee] They took the love out of it. Everything is about bumping on your butt, humping, and video vixen. They skipped the whole process of love making. You just go straight to meeting them at the club, taking them home, or pee on them.

Favorite Artists Today: Miguel, Adele, and Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is da bomb. She is a beautiful person. Taylor is having fun and she enjoys what she does. She's doing her thang, her way and making it known.

Words of Encouragement for Other Upcoming R&B Artists: Do we have enough time lol? Count your own money. Sign your own checks. And love the music when there's no money. The money is usually the last thing you see. You have to have the passion and the desire for the music. Learn as much as you can. Be your own vocalist. It's okay to study people but be who you are as an artist.