Monica Considers Gospel Album, Confirms Collaboration With Miguel

Could R&B veteran Monica be on the path to recording a full-length Gospel album? While she isn't quite there at this point, she is considering a project that would take her back to her roots in Gospel and inspirational music.

"Yes eventually. Gospel. Those are my roots," Monica told fans during a recent Twitter chat session ("Ask Mo"). She had been asked if she would do a Gospel album like a number of other R&B singers that have returned to their roots in Gospel.

News of Monica considering Gospel is exciting, considering her obvious vocal talent and ability to touch people with her vocals and relatable lyrics.

In related news, Monica is getting started on production for her next studio album, a follow up to "New Life."

While she is just getting started, Monica has already teamed up with Miguel ("Adorn") for songs that might just make the final cut.

"I'm working on it now. We're just getting started. Gotta make sure its right," Monica told fans when asked about the album and a picture of her and Miguel in the studio.

It's unclear when we might get to hear a first single from Monica at this point, but it's something to look forward to.