PJ Morton – Only One Ft. Stevie Wonder

PJ Morton hooks up with a legend and his biggest musical influence Stevie Wonder to create “Only One.” The two-stepping love song increases the tempo with progression of jazz and funk until the declaration of love cannot be held. The song will cross generations much like Earth, Wind & Fire at a cookout.

"I feel like 'Only One' is like Kanye meets Stevie. It's always a mash-up in that way, where I'm trying to make sure it’s things that my generation can enjoy, but it’s props to all of the music that's come before me, that’s inspired me," Morton told Billboard.

An unlikely Young Money signee, PJ Morton has emerged from an independent to joining Maroon 5, and now back to his solo career.

Producer: PJ Morton and Warryn "Baby Dubb" Campbell
Album: New Orleans
Label: Young Money