Beyonce Considers New Baby After Album, Tour, Plus Jay-Z A ‘Changed’ Man?

Beyonce is really happy being a mom and recording artist, but she's definitely not stopping with Blue Ivy.

Appearing on "Oprah's Next Chapter," Beyonce told Oprah that another baby might be in the cards after her fifth studio album and accompanying "Mrs. Carter" tour.

"I definitely want another child but it was also important for me to do what I love. I love to perform. I love to make music. I wanted to have my daughter and maybe after this next tour, I'll have another baby," Beyonce shared with Oprah, also admitting that she had gained 57 pounds while pregnant.

Looking forward to the "Mrs. Carter" tour, Beyonce plans to bring Blue Ivy along and show her the world.

"I love my job. I love the way it feels. Now I can share that with her. When I'm touring I can perform for two hours a day," Beyonce told Oprah, explaining that touring is great because she'll have the rest of the day to spend with her daughter. "I can have a life and share that, those travels with my daughter."

It's not clear if Jay-Z will be joining Beyonce and Blue Ivy for a show here and there, but Beyonce says he is a changed man and an incredible dad.

"Incredible. He's a different human being definitely. It's really beautiful. I'm so lucky," said Beyonce.

As previously reported, Beyonce's world tour kicks off this Spring and her fifth studio album is on the way.