LaTocha Scott Talks ‘R&B Divas,’ Riff with Ex-Xscape Member Kandi Burruss, More

The ladies of successful 90s group Xscape are officially doing it big: With Tiny going her hosting and reality show thing, Kandi doing her reality show and multiple business ventures, LaTocha Scott is the next member to come out of hiding with her membership on the upcoming show “R&B Divas” and new music. She chatted it up with V103’s Egypt about everything from her most memorable Valentine’s Day to the new reality show gig, to her strained relationship with former group member Kandi.

About her addition to TV One’s “R&B Divas,” LaTocha says the show’s producers contacted her people after hearing she was prepping music and seeing her perform around town. “At first I was apprehensive but then I thought about the fact that people- I’ve been gone for a long time- and people have been like what’s going on with you and it’s the perfect platform for me to come back, and it’s all about the music,” she said. And on the show, don’t expect to see her frontin’ for the cameras; she says she plans on doing what she does on the daily. “Well, you’re going to learn that I’m a mother. I do the same things that everybody else does. I’m on my grind in the studio all the time and just my relationship with [her husband/manager] Rocky.”

She’s been married for 17 years, ever since the Xscape days, but she kept it on the low. “It was all about business, all about work. You couldn’t put the two together so we kept it down,” she said. And speaking of ways to keep a marriage long-lasting, the vocalist dished on her most memorable Valentine’s Day; her husband arranged surprise trip for her and her whole family to go to Vegas. “When she gets to Vegas, to the suite, it had everything you could think of,” her husband Rocky recalled.

Latocha even dished about the gossip regarding why all Xscape members won’t be involved in Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def 20th Anniversary Reunion Concert. Kandi Burruss spoke out, saying there’s some unfinished business between members that hasn’t yet been resolved. “The only unfinished business I can think of,” LaTocha revealed, “is the fact that we didn’t go onto the other albums that we were supposed to do. Other than that, I don’t understand where the unfinished business comes in at. I don’t know what she’s talking about.” She wishes, though, that a reunion would take place eventually, that whatever happened in the group could be pushed aside for the sake of the fans and music. “I think we owe it to the fans, to the people. They put us all here…. This whole 20 year reunion is big for me, but to say you’re not going to do it because you feel like we have unfinished business is…I don’t want to say it’s insulting to the fans, but it’s like come on, it’s not even about that,” she shared. “Let’s get out of self and let’s think about what we did for music.”

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