Chris Turner Talks Esperanza Spalding’s Grammy, “Green Edibles” , His Solo Career & More

There are few artists with genuine positive energy like Chris Turner. The Bay Area born Brooklynite has an extraordinary voice that bridges the old and new. Some people play the bass or the drums but Chris instrument is his voice. His voice flirts and dances along instrumentation to create a feeling. Chris Turner's voice is a manifestation of feeling and emotion that you felt listening to the greats like Marvin, Teddy and Smokey. We had the opportunity to sit down with the father, musician, student of sound and friend to talk about everything under the sun that mattered at the moment.

Moving & Shaking … I’m rehearsing with my band now. I’ll have a deal with a booking agency soon so I can tour throughout Europe. I’ll start doing music festivals as me, Chris Turner. I’m going to work with Esperalder Spalding hopefully the album wins one of the three Grammy’s. I am crossing my fingers for that. I am also collaborating and making new music man. I’m trying to build my team and reach as many people as possible. It’s a real grind.

Making Connections … Young Money is asking for some hooks … that’s dope. I’m just trying to get on some features with artists such as Kendrick Lamar. Kid Cudi, Schoolboy Q, Devin The Dude and even Snoop.

BET’s 106 & Park … It was surreal seeing my video on 106 & Park. Everyone on twitter showed love … no haters. It was a good look.

The Visual … I wanted the video for "Liquid Love" even though the song was already out. I had Dr. Woo work on it and he murdered it. Now we are coming up with concepts for my next video for “Brainstorming”.

“Edible Arrangements” … Yeah, you have to know your dosage when it comes to edibles. The edibles can hit you 2 hours after you take them and put you in slow motion. I don’t do too much… I rather smoke. I like to nibble on edibles when I’m traveling like on train rides. I wouldn’t recommend for a show. My friend took a piece of Captain Crunch Berry edibles and she was pretty stuck. (lol) You have to nibble on it for a couple days.

Touring and Singing W/ The Best … There are pros and cons to touring and doing background vocals. I get to learn from various artists who are going through various stages of their career. I get to see mistakes and accomplishments. Bilal has been an idol to me since I was in high school. Touring with Bilal was all a learning experience for me. With Esperanza Spalding it’s like being in school. She kicks my ass. When I toured with Sean Kingston early in my career it was a breeze. I was young so it was all that fast life and about groupies … that was new to me at that time. Esperanza Spalding is my age and she has won a Grammy over Drake and Justin Bieber. Her music is hard! It’s been a real learning experience. It has made me step up my game. It also made me more serious. If the boss wants you to be serious you have to be serious. She been pushing me and hopefully I’ve been pushing her. I got a solo and duet with her and they are airing our show, Austin City Limits, on PBS. I hope we get a Grammy!

R.I.P. Jeff Lee Johnson … I wanted to mention Esperanza Spalding’s guitar player, Jeff Lee Johnson. He passed away recently. He has played for great artists like Eryka Badu, Bilal, D’Angelo and Jill Scott. It was rough being on tour because I missed the birth of my son but he helped me get through it. He helped me to realize that I was there for a reason and I had a family to provide for. He was a Philly legend. R.IP.

Growing Up W/ Music… But it’s different with me and Jesse because we met in high school. We started pushing each other in school. We feed off of each others energy. I had to take a different route because I had a child. The starving artist struggle wasn’t an option so when Sean Kingston offered me a gig I was with it. But after a while to be your own artists you have to get out of a featured artist or background singing.

Singing Is My Life … I’ve always sang. It feels good making a living just singing. The only job I ever had has been singing.

Food & Music … I got the passion for music from my mom and dad. Music is big on both sides of my family. However, if I wasn’t making music I would be cooking. Cooking runs in my family also. My grandmother’s house is like a restaurant in the neighborhood. Everyone comes to her house to eat or see what she’s cooking. I can cook really well also. I’ve always been into cooking. Last night, I did this home made pasta sauce. I have a four year old so I try to give her something healthy. I mix in some spinach with the sauce. I also did a Jambalaya.

Favorite Quote … "Created by a creator to be creative."

Chris Turner has been working with extraordinary artists such as Bilal, Jesse Boykins III, Sean Kingston, Esperanza Spalding and others. However, now Chris Turner is now venturing on his own and he is ready to give the people something smooth, romantic and magical.