Musiq Soulchild Talks Music, Future Projects, and Performing in New York City

Prior to hitting the stage for a pre-Valentine's Day concert at B.B. Kings Blues Club in New York City on Friday Feb. 1st, Singersroom caught up with Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Musiq Soulchild to pow wow on a few topics. The "Teach Me" hit-maker, whom is currently taking a break from releasing music, talked about his future projects, performing in the Big Apple, and the aspirations behind his music. Lastly, he explained the production and writing process behind the soft and sensual ballad, "So Beautiful." It is a song that the ladies love so much. It's a ballad that fans didn't expect from Musiq, but fans were receptive as soon as they heard it on the radio. Check out our update with Musiq!

Performing at B.B Kings Restaurant in New York City: I like performing at B.B Kings. I like performing in New York and for what I do, and for the energy that I bring in music, New yorkers get it; they've always have. I love performing for people who understand what I'm doing, especially for the crowd that B.B King draws. It is definitely the crowd why I love to perform.

Music and Being Labeled Neo-Soul: I never personally considered my music to be Neo-Soul. I don't have anything against it; the term and category, don't get me wrong, I don't personally refer what I do Neo-Soul. I do recognize that my music is referred to as Neo-Soul. I go along with it; its just soul music, it's just that simple. I'm a person expressing my soul through music, expressing it with the traditions of soul and R&B music. In this game, people like to create little labels, its catchy for what ever reason. I recognize it, but it's not that deep, I don't go around saying don't call it that. If that's what you like to call it, call it that, but as long as you like it and you're listening to it and you enjoy it, it doesn't matter.

Loving His Hits: Out of all of the songs that I've written, the one I love the most is "So Beautiful," I really love that song. It was so different from what people are accustomed to from me. I did the song in falsetto. It was such an easy song to write. I was writing it in real time and it has its own element and sentiment. All of the other songs are pretty dope, but that song is the one that I dig the most that I've put out so far.

Future Projects: I'm working on a few projects. I'm working on a website that I am launching today actually and it's a personal project. It's a promotional platform that shows different sides of my creativity, different personas of music, It's different ways that I can entertain people. And maybe I want to do a reggae album, not everyone would be acceptive because people don't recognize Musiq Soulchild as being a reggae artist. And maybe I'll do performances out of that persona. But, I don't want to force people to listen to something just because I'm trying to get some money out of it. I want to find out what it is that you (fans) enjoy and make music according to that.

The Big Screen: Ahhh, I'm not really interested in acting. I don't mind it, if it comes my way and its a great look, a great opportunity, then of course. I'll go for it if people will be entertained by it.