Jennifer Lopez Tangled Up in Lady GaGa ‘Judas’ Lawsuit

The case surrounding the plagiarism lawsuit filed in 2011 against Lady Gaga regarding her hit “Judas” is still pending, but now Jennifer Lopez’s name is in the mix.

In 2011, singer Rebecca Francescatti sued Lady GaGa for allegedly using parts of Rebecca’s 1999 song “Juda” in her hit “Judas” without permission. Jennifer Lopez was brought up in a recent court case hearing because GaGa co-produced Lopez’s song “Invading My Mind” from her 2011 Love album, which allegedly used an unlicensed sample by another artist.

Francescatti’s lawyer Christopher Niro alleged in the hearing that the “Invading My Mind” sample also used Francescatti’s “Juda” sample, asking the court to dismiss GaGa’s credit saying she didn’t contribute to the song. According to the Chicago Tribune, Niro also claims that he has text messages between GaGa and “Invading My Mind” producer RedOne, insinuating that the text conversation proves the sample was stolen and used in “Judas” and “Invading My Mind.”

The judge dismissed Niro’s claims, saying that his theory "just doesn't really hold up from our perspective,” and that information regarding Lopez’s song is "far outside the bounds of discovery.”