Tahiry Talks Having a Big BOOTY, Love vs. Lust, Wu-Tang, Healing From Joe Budden, More

Tahiry is beautiful and has an energy that is genuine and loveable. For a woman that started out as just “Joe Budden’s girl,” she sure has made some serious waves in the entertainment world. It’s interesting listening to someone who was around for the ups and downs of someone in the public eye. Often people just make assumptions and assume that the superstar was always on top. However, there is always someone whom has helped he or she make it to that point. It seems Tahiry was that person for Joe Budden. We had the pleasure of chopping it up with the sexy lady about defining herself as an individual, Swedish fish, her bodacious body, love vs. lust and yes Joe “Jump Off” Budden.

Different From The Rest of The Cast … I think I’m the first chick on the Love & Hip Hop cast to actually have a job. I watched some of the other seasons. I’m real. I am independent. I wear sneakers lol. I love all the girls except for one or two of them. There is only one Tahiry … that’s me.

Defining Me Outside of Joe … I believe I pretty much did that already. I am doing it by myself now… without Joey. Initially, I was introduced as Joe’s ex-girlfriend, but it doesn’t define me… it never defined me. After that I stayed alive and I did it all by myself. It’s funny because I’ve already proven that I’m here to stay without Joe from music to movies to clothes. I’ve done all because of me, but for some reason people try to put us together even when we’re not.

Knapsack of Pain … As mad as I was with Joe at times because we share so much history and there was so much emotion, I am thankful. The fact that they captured all of that made me thankful because it started a process of healing. At some point, I thought I was over a lot of stuff. As women sometimes we try to move on being hurt. I didn’t talk to Joe for two years even though there would be times where we visit this whole “friendship thing”. I was able to look within myself and realize there was a lot of hurt and pain. The show putting us together made me realize how hurt I was even though I was fighting it. Sometimes you try to act like, “I don’t give a f**k and I’m dating”. But it brought to my attention the fact that I need some self healing. It helped me deal with this knapsack of pain that I didn’t know I was carrying.

Relating With A Rapper … It’s hard to be in a relationship with a rapper. People just get to see fancy cars, expensive things and exclusive events. You have to think about a regular relationship multiplied by a thousand … everything is greater. My situation with Joe was different because Joe was at the bottom when I was with him. There was not much money or traveling. We struggled together. I would leave 1:00 pm and come back 1:00 pm the next day going from bar to strip club to illegal poker spot to help him pay bills. So it was completely different. What I’m basically saying is all that glitters is not gold. When the world was introduced to Joey and Tahiry; yes it was real. We were living in a duplex and the elevator went straight into the bedroom. However, I had to grind to continue to live that way. I wasn’t living like Kimora Lee Simmons with my legs up. My experience was way different. With rappers the women multiply and get crazier. They get more attention. It’s a lot of hard work!

Love … Love is a feeling. It’s your heart skipping a beat and it’s not just about lust, sex or skin. It’s the joy you get to just be around someone for no reason. It just doesn’t really matter what you are doing … it could be nothing. It’s when you can’t eat because your tummy is in knots and it’s not for a bad reason it’s because of love. It’s indescribable!

Lust … Lust is a rush … its flesh, its skin. The minute that person is gone the feeling is gone.

Not Wearing a Mask … I am who I am and that’s how I carry myself. what you see is what you get. I have a hard time going home and thinking I just put on an act. I’m just Tahiry.

Thicker Than a Snicker … I think that everyone can get a big booty nowadays is unfair. I am all the way natural. I feel like bitches need to stop cheating sometimes. I loved my body since I realized my body was too thick for a tutu.

My Ex-Boyfriends Would Say … Tahiry is emotional. Tahiry is crazy. Tahiry has a big heart.

What The People Should Know … People don’t want to hear a lot of positive things. They want to hear gossip and drama. They don’t want to know I have a college degree. They don’t care about the positive.

Nicest Thing A Man Has Done … Wow let me think. I don’t know … that material stuff is wack! Guys are f**king wack! Again it’s just the little things. Coming home to my water running and house cleaned. No, this guy made me a Spanish breakfast, and everything was low fat because I was on a low fat diet.


R&B Artist… Maxwell
Candy … Sour Patches or Swedish fish
Reality Show … Braxtons & T.I. and Tiny … love them!
Gangsta Rap Group … Wu-Tang was dope
Line … “Boo you know what time it is.” “I handle my handle.”
Strip Club … X Bar (I would come home with so much money.)
R&B Group (90’s) … SWV
Vacation Destination … Saint Lucia
Alcoholic Beverage …Apple martini if I’m feeling fancy, Remy if im feeling like a thug, or Vodka on the rocks

Love & Hip Hop … Tune mutherf***kin in!

I think it would be wise to tune in to get more from Tahiry. Check her out on the episodes of Love & Hip Hop New York.