Love & Hip-Hop’s Olivia Dishes on How She’s Perceived From TV, Rumors, and Her Faves

R&B singer Olivia Longott is on a mission to make a name for herself. The singer-songwriter has gone through multiple label changes in her quest to find a musical home where she’s comfortable to be the artist she is. Far from the days of being the “first lady of G-Unit,” Olivia’s journey is documented on the popular reality show series Love & Hip-Hop on VH1, where we see her attempts at getting her music off the ground amid run-ins with other industry movers, shakers, and players.

However, success on the music front shouldn’t be far off. Signed to music and industry virtuoso Jerry Wonda’s imprint, Olivia is poised to come out the musical gates swinging. She chatted with Singersroom about being on L&HH, the effects of reality TV on a music career, how she’s perceived from the show, and more.

Singersroom: You’re signed to Jerry Wonda’s label imprint Wonda’s Music. Can you tell us about any new music on the horizon (EPs, “Show the World” album, collaborations)?

Olivia: We signed back in April, and I can’t really give you too much, but just know that it’s tremendous work that Jerry and I have created together. He over-exceeded my expectations of what we were gonna do. I already knew we were gonna make great music, but I can’t wait for you guys to hear it. And there will be collaborations on it also, but I don’t wanna spoil it and tell you who.

Singersroom: Do you prefer to sing/perform ballads or fast-paced songs?

Olivia: For me I would rather do ballads because I get to showcase my talent, but obviously I love fast-paced songs because we can play them in the club. We did a lot of those, also.

Singersroom: You’re returning for the Love & Hip-Hop Season 3 cast. As a vet on the show, what’s your favorite and least favorite thing about being on the show?

Olivia: Not knowing what they’re gonna use, not being able to pick and choose the scenes or see anything before it happens. We see it right when you guys see it.

Singersoom: I bet you want to be in the editing room, like “don’t put that in there!”

Olivia: (laughs) Exactly! And being that there’s so many cast members, we don’t know how much of everybody is gonna be seen.

Singersroom: Who did you get close to throughout the shooting process?

Olivia: I’ve always been close with Yandy. Yandy and Rich have always been my aces, so that hasn’t changed.

Singersroom: Do you think reality shows support or hinder a musical career?

Olivia: Both because I would say in the way that they portray your character (if they’re following the storyline) can hurt you because people will kinda think that that’s you, when it’s not, cause obviously, they’re just pulling from certain things and making edits. But if the music is great and they love the music, that’s one thing, then they’ll love that. But they’ll still think they’re seeing the real you on TV, when that’s really not how you really are in actuality, that’s just something that they’re pulling from four scenes.

Singersroom: How do you think you’re perceived from being on L&HH?

Olivia: The funniest part for me is when people say I may not speak up enough. And from people who know me, I have the foulest and most disrespectful mouth in the world (laughs), but I try not to do certain things on TV if it’s not called for. If it’s something irrelevant that someone wants to talk about, I’m not about to flip my lid for that because then we both look like idiots, like it’s not that important, and it’s really not anything important that we’re talking about. So, the stuff that you see me in may be petty arguments that hold no relevance, like, what are we talking about? If it were something real, oh trust me, you would see some real stuff come out, but that’s not what is it. Nobody has ever pushed me to the point of where I need to go there.

Singersroom: Why does it seem like there’s always some drama on the show about who you’re dating?

Olivia: I don’t know why everybody is so interested in it. I’ve been seeing the same person for the past year and a half and we’re happily in love and that hasn’t changed so, I don’t know. (laughs)

Singersroom: Congrats on that! Are there any rumors you would like to address and put to rest finally once and for all?

Olivia: I would like to address one funny rumor – Rich and I heard this morning that he was engaged. We busted out laughing.

Singersroom: (laughs) Since your manager is dating fellow cast member Erica Mena, has that hindered the progress of your projects?

Olivia: No, because he’s not really managing her. He’s just helping out somebody in need. So I don’t care, they’re not in my circle, they’re not a part of what he and I do, he’s just helping her separately.

Singersroom: What’s your definition of success?

Olivia: Longevity. People thing that just cause you have an overnight hit, you’re successful. No, because that goes away in two seconds.

Singersroom: How do you feel about Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

Olivia: They were a lot! (Laughs)

Singersroom: How would you compare the two shows?

Olivia: I wouldn’t compare them because we have two totally different story lines of what we follow. There’s a total difference from being in New York and being in Atlanta, so we wouldn’t have the same issues.

Singersroom: Do you have anything else you would want to add?

Olivia: Just I hope you guys are prepared for this season cause it’s a doozie!

Favorite R&B artists of all time: Brandy
Favorite candy: Sour Patch Kids
Favorite reality show besides Love & Hip-Hop: Basketball Wives Miami, the one with Jen
Favorite dance: The Dougie
Favorite gangsta rap group: Bone Thugs N Harmony
Favorite one-liner: “…I can’t”
Favorite alcoholic beverage: Wine
Favorite boy band: Jodeci
Favorite R&B group of the 90s: Xscape
Favorite vacation destination: Anguilla

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