Luke James Talks First Grammy Nom, Picking Up Girls, Remaining Humble, More

The first time I witnessed Luke James perform as a solo artist, I remember saying to myself, “this kid got it.” Well, apparently every one else is finally seeing what I saw in 2010, including the Grammy Association committee, who just delivered him his first Grammy nomination for Best R&B Performance in “I Want You“.

Luke James is a smooth, sensual, and emotional singer, who draws plenty of reminiscence to the feel-good Motown sound. His sound conveys a nostalgic vibe and his stage show is griddy, heartfelt, and captivating.

Singersroom checked in with Luke to get an update on his new free project, Whispers In The Dark, his first Grammy nomination, picking females and much more.

Feedback During Live Shows…It’s amazing man, its just confirmation that it’s OK to be who I am. It gives me more of a great feeling to keep doing what I’ve been doing, cause you know, sometimes as an artist or a person, you may have doubts, especially when it comes to your art. It’s humbling. It definitely gives me more drive to keep going.

First Grammy Nomination
…I’m f**king super excited [laughs]. Every day I’m able to express it more, but ultimately I’m thrilled, I’m surprised, but I’m grateful for the Grammy association committee for evening considering my talent, my gift.

Hearing About His Nomination…I was on my way to my lawyer’s house for Stacy Barthe’s album listening party because we share the same lawyer. The party had John Legend, Miley Cyrus, producers after producers; everybody was there. Soon as I came to the door, everybody was just yelling, ‘yo Grammy nominated’ and I’m like ‘what?’ I just wanted to go home and go to sleep because it was just too much; too surreal all at one time, but it was an amazing feeling.

New Single “Make Love to Me”…I didn’t actually write it, Ne-Yo wrote it with Salaam Remi. I couldn’t deny it, I write most of my stuff, but because it was a good record and I knew I could give it a feeling. I heard myself on it. It’s just a beautiful record, it just feels so good, it reminds me of those Babyface melodies, and George Michael vibes. I also love the message.

Listen to “Make Love to me”

Luke James…Soulful, experimental, spiritual, funky, very emotional, very dramatic. My music is my therapy. The music you hear that comes from me are basically pages out of my journal. When I’m on stage, I think I’m a bit more out of body though; I’m more expressive. Off stage I’m laid back, super humble.

His Music and Picking Up Females…If I was to get at a girl, the first thing I would do is try to make her laugh. If I could do that then I could spark something from there. Or I could just simply introduce my self or go up and give her a compliment. All she can do is say no.

New EP Whispers In The Dark…This was something that was compiled together. We’re basically going backwards. If my album would of came out this year then these would have been released next year. I just wanted to give the people something they can feel and I think it’s more insight into who I am. It’s giving my fans more of a feeling of what I’m coming with. They’re very personal records, they come from sensual moments in my life.

Upcoming Debut Album, Made to Love…Hopefully there will be some growth. The free music is like a bridge or trailers of what’s to come. I want people to be into me and hopefully I can become a necessity to them. I hope to make them feel good or get them turnt up or turn down; whatever they may need.

Joining The Pop Trend… It’s all music, it’s all R&B and it’s all Soul. You can’t really judge art; you can only say I don’t like that. What you don’t like, the next person may like, that song might do something for them.

2013…Doing more shows and touching more people. I’m also getting into the acting world; I’m learning and studying how to be great. Just live; try different things.

Remaining Humble…When your just good and kind to people that will take you farther than being an a**hole. I’ve learned to always have an open mind, listen, plus I’m surrounded by great people. For the fans, I hope that they can live through me and be happy.

In Five Years…2-3 more albums, more performing and getting to other aspects of entertainment. Maybe getting into movie scoring and playwriting and stuff like that.

Last Word…What I am doing is giving you something you can feel and I hope that you can feel it. My songs are personal whether I write them or just sing them.

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