K. Michelle’s Record Deal Signing and What’s to Come [EXCLUSIVE]

Following up the news we broke yesterday (Nov. 19) about K. Michelle’s new record deal with Warner Bros., check out our exclusive footage on how it all went down and what K. Michelle did after getting her second chance.

Here are some excerpts from the video:

Lawyer Matt Middleton on K. Michelle
…”She [K. Michelle] wanted out of a bad situation and we fought, got it, got a lot of stuff back for her so she could walk away with her dignity and then the stars started lining up. I’m just glad Warner Bros. saw beyond all of the drama.”

Warner’s Director of A&R Alaska on K. Michelle … “We are a hundred percent excited. I knew of K. Michelle, but when Dallas [Austin] brought her in and when we discussed it, I was like, I believe 100 percent.”

K. Michelle on New Deal … “I’m excited. Dallas was the first person who tried to give me a record deal, but then I ended up; the devil walked me on somewhere else…It is what it is, I learned from it, I needed it, it was just another song in my songbook…I’m ready to go…Jeff [Robinson] was the right management for me (MBK), it’s like a family.”

K. Michelle on Debut Album … “I don’t want to be crying, ‘Oh my God I’m hurt.’ We know I’m hurt, we all get hurt. It has to say it in a way that women won’t say it…because I don’t care, I’m going to say what needs to be said. It just has to be very me at the same time because I don’t want to fall into the normal R&B, where they clean you up…I booked a system, I’m rebellious and I say what I wanna say.”

K. Michelle Thanks Fans … “I thank y’all for the support. You guys got to see me sign my record deal today, you got to see where I’ll be working. I’m an open book, not a clean slate; I give y’all who I am and I love you for all the support.”

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