Miguel ‘Waves Flag’ For New Wave of R&B

Miguel is hoping that fellow R&B artists will take the initative to push boundaries and break new ground with music.
Speaking of his success, with songs like “Adorn,” Miguel told the Los Angeles Times he never thought some of his stuff would be played on radio.
“I remember thinking how crazy would it be if they played this on the radio,” he said of “Adorn,” which hit no.1 on the R&B chart. “None of my songs have ever sounded like anything that was going on the radio.”
Part of a movement that listeners respect, of creating a fresh sound with substance, Miguel hopes others, like Dawn Richard, who is also recognized being innovative, follow suit.
“I hope more artists who are R&B at the core and pushing the boundaries will join me in embracing the fact that [the genre] did become a stereotype,” said Miguel. “I’m proud to wave the flag for what’s coming.”