Natina Reed’s Parents Speak Out, Seek Answers While Planning Memorial

Blaque member and actress Natina Reed’s parents say their daughter was “a visionary” and hope to find out what led to her untimely death Friday.
Speaking out in a plea for more information Monday, Tamara Goodridge and Paul Reed told Atlanta’s Channel 2 “We’re not seeking to be angry, but we do need a resolve.”
“She was full of life, tenacity and a visionary… always a visionary and very good at what she did,” said Goodridge. “We’re not looking to be victims. We’re not seeking to be angry, but we do need a resolve.”
Revealing new information, while remembering his daughter’s gift, Paul Reed said she was “on the phone” before being struck by a Honda Accord Friday night.
“She was on the phone. She was walking across the street on the phone, and the next thing she’s on the floor,” said Reed.
At this point, both parents want to know where Reed might have been coming from and where she was headed at the time of her death.
As widely reported, Gwinnett County police say the accident was not a hit-and-run as rumored. The driver who struck Natina Reed reportedly called 911 from the scene and has not been charged.
In related news, the family is planning a wake and funeral to be held Friday and Saturday in the Atlanta area. They are also forming a foundation to benefit her 10-year-old son Tren according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
Natina Reed (pictured center) was 32.