Rashad Pays Homage To The-Dream

It seems there is a movement brewing in R&B. There is a revival or a renaissance of true R&B. Artists are filling voids which have been empty for years. Artists such as Rashad and his ‘Museum’ mixtape gives us a different angle and a heavier funk filled R&B style. He seems like he is making it cool for the fellas to bump songs with various content.

“I don’t make ballads! I make slow jams. I’m a man. I never really been the wooing the ladies type … taking off my shirt,” Rashad told SIngersroom. “I’m a music guy. I’m about my songs and beats. I want to bump things in the streets. Piece of My Love was crazy joint back in the day that you could bump. We are missing that funk. You can’t have watered down R&B. I got to give it up to The Dream, he’s dope!”

Variety is never a bad thing especially in music. Rashad is bringing that variety and those hard hitting beats with songs such as The Return. Keep your ear out for this musician.