Ne-Yo: My Love For Music Has Evolved

Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo has evolved in the wake of becoming a father. According to Ne-Yo, there is still a love affair with music but it is so much more important now because it is a means to supporting his family.
“My love for music has evolved,” he said in a recent interview. “Before, music to me was therapy, a means of maintaining my own mental stability when the world gets a little hectic. Now it’s more than just something I enjoy doing because it’s helping me support my kids.”
Gearing up for the release of “R.E.D.,” his fifth studio album, Ne-Yo says there are new boundaries set up for him this time out. One of those is not missing birthdays.
“There are a million other things with regard to my career that I could be doing, but I dare you to put something in the schedule on my kids’ birthdays,” Ne-Yo tells The Standard.
As previously reported, Ne-Yo’s “R.E.D.” album is due in stores Tuesday, November 6.