The Floacist Says Marsha Ambrosius is Irreplaceable, Knocks Her Gangsta, More

Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart has those calming, good vibrations, those floetic and rhythmic vibrations. The singer-songwriter, formerly part of the duo Floetry, has been around legends like Michael Jackson and Prince. She helped to start a British movement that we are still feeling the effects of that include artists such as Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Jesse J to name a view. Despite the break up of Floetry, Natalie has stayed optimistic and seems to be holding the Floetry flag high. We had the distinguished pleasure of talking to the beautiful, exotic and extremely talented woman that had all of us saying YES. She opened up about Floetry, the Floetic Movement, Marsha Ambrosius, spiritual growth and, meeting the icon Prince.

Keeping it POSITIVE & Protecting Floetry… It took a lot of meditation, thought and prayer to get everything all out. When you make something for the purpose of it being positive and it’s mangled, there is a beef or just negative energy, it hurts your heart. Those vibrations are not part of the Floetry concept. This is why I made the decisions to take the time to figure out when to talk about the break up. The negativity is so far from what we were trying to promote. We were trying to promote sisterhood. I think too easily and too rationally we throw away these relationships… too easily and too rationally we throw them under the bus. I really don’t champion that! I really took the time to figure out what to say and how to say it because I don’t want the legacy of Floetry to be tarnished by other vibrations. That’s always been what I’ve been trying to protect.

Keeping it Real, But Leaving The Door Open… I would never be so presumptuous to speak on Marsha’s behalf. But let’s take the Marsha and Kanye West song for one [The One]. It’s completely outside of what Floetry is about. If you have lived the life where you have to have a pistol on your hip then by all means communicate that experience through the context of your art. However, if you haven’t lived that life, as I haven’t and so hasn’t Marsha, then why promote it? I don’t promote lying like that and using negative energy especially if it is not your walk. So creatively, Marsha is doing what she wants with her mixtape like “Neo-Soul is Dead”. I’m not going to speak for Marsha like I said before, but I think it’s quite apparent that Marsha is doing what she wants to do. Allow me to add that she is and will always be irreplaceable. The door will always be open to Marsha and people have been missing Floetry.

The Fortune Telling Prince
… About seven years ago Prince had wrote a song for Floetry. It was an exceptional privilege working with Prince. We sat at his house and he predicted all the challenges that would come as a group. However, he said that Floetry could never end because Floetry is not just a name. Floetry is more than a name it’s a genre and it’s a style. He said as long as that is remembered Floetry will always live. Prince is such an icon. I didn’t take those words lightly. Funny enough a lot of those things did come to play. This is the reason after 10 years after the release of Floetic, which came out October 1st, 2002 (my nephew’s birthday), it is still relevant and it is still time for a rebirth. Like I said, she is irreplaceable and the door will never be closed to her (Marsha). I don’t want the legacy of Floetry to be tarnished by other vibrations. That’s always been what I’ve been trying to protect.

After Ten Years… I’m making the music on this album that I feel shows growth. I come from an independent walk. I come from the open mic circuit. I made sure to be inclusive and to be fair to the Floetry fan base which I LOVE DEARLY by making sure Marsha was included. I did “Say Yes” over. It’s the only way I could get her to be on this record. I think having toured more in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America made more of a connection with our audience. I think now after 10 years we would have been more productive and useful, but all that would have came in divine time. However, I think that everything happens for a reason and everyone is entitled to follow the desires of their heart.

Listen to The Floacist’s “Say Yes”

Self Growth… This last ten years I’ve personally been working on myself spiritually. That above and beyond all things whether I have an album or not is what is important. The first part of the ten years was a side of action and the second part was all about observation … even insulation. Growth comes from observation. In observation comes strength.

Foundation of the British Soul Invasion
… The beginning was about building the foundation. I brought Floetry to America and at that time I had many caps on as manager, poet, travel agent, everything. In 2000 we were coming straight from the open mic circuit in the UK. I was 21 and three years out of performing arts school that Adele, Amy Winehouse, Jesse J, I and Marsha all went to. Amy, rest her soul, and the rest coming after us. Through that process, there has been a lot of clarity. I didn’t grow up saying I want to be in the music industry. There has been so much that has accorded. I was an actress, writer, poet, but it was because of poetry that my journey of music started. It’s been a serious personal, spiritual journey. In the industry, you have some things you want to say and have things you don’t want to say. It’s a telling journey of where we are as a people.

Touching Others & The Future
… I would like to further my collaborations in the future. I have a beautiful array of collaborations … Marsha being the first of the collaborations. Other voices being other artists such as Musiq, Raheem Davaughn, Lalah Hathaway and even South African artists. I also like to say I’ve helped others and created a platform. I love to have more artists in the floetry genre. I would love to find more floacists. I want to create a platform for more people to be part of the Floetic genre. To be able to share all that I have, experienced and been blessed with. I would like to launch an artist. I would like to assist someone go further and be successful.

Writing Books… I’m a writer first. I have many books to write … I have books half written. I have thoughts of the day. I have novels and screen plays. I have a lot of works which are incomplete. I have a children book series. Like I said I’m a writer first.

Just Be Me
… I’m comfortable with how I live, where I eat and where I lay my head. I’ll be blessed to go as long as I’m supposed to go. I think creatively and plan ahead creatively, but I’m very comfortable with life. I love being a daughter wife, auntie and a niece. I’ll always be Floetry.


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