Chrisette Michele Talks Upcoming Mixtape and LP, Simple Process of “Working On” Music

Chrisette Michelle has been missing in action for the past two years, or so it seems. Sure, she’s popped up a couple of times, like Rick Ross’ “Aston Martin Music” feat Drake, and the Musiq Soulchild duet “Oh Yeah” found on the Robert Glasper Experiment compilation “Black Radio.” But don’t think she’s just been sitting around twiddling her thumbs. The vocalist has been taking a little R&R, as well as working on a new mixtape and album. However, the term “working on” should probably be in quotes. Michelle says one of the projects, an album titled “Better” is finished, and has been for about a year and a half. “It doesn’t take a year to sing a song. Takes a year for people to figure out how to market it,” she told SoulCulture TV. “If you want to put out a song that you wrote yesterday tomorrow, go on Twitter, type in a new URL, and give it to the people!” she stated.

The sassy singer is proving its ease with the upcoming mixtape “An Audiovisual Presentation of Audrey Hepburn,” inspired by the life and style of the late movie star, and entertainers from that era. She’s funding the project with her own money because she’s in a happy, creative place where creating music isn’t a chore. “I’m in the same space that I was in right before I got signed, where I just wanted to play, go in the studio and have fun,” she explained, saying her future fourth LP “Better” will be more upbeat. “I’m finally interested in falling in love…so the sadness that you might’ve heard in the album that I just did before and the one before that isn’t there, this is a hopeful album,” she dished.

Her current two-year sabbatical stems from the need for balance; from being seen, to being unseen. “I’m not good with the whole ‘be seen’ thing…The stage is quiet to me, too, I don’t mind an audience. It’s when you go outside and there’re red carpets. I just needed a minute,” she said.

Ms. Michelle’s upcoming creative projects (having being spawned from a hiatus) should present her fans with a fresh, new sound. Can’t wait to hear!