Dawn Richard – 86

After her successful digital EP, Armor On, Dawn Richard is ready to show the world more of her body of work. The former Danity Kane and Diddy-Dirty Money member has released the first single, 86, from her forthcoming debut full-length album GoldenHeart, the first in a trilogy. Produced by Dawn’s go to music partner Druski, the synth-driven 80’s inspired ballad goes left from what Dawn has been dropping lately.

“I’m big on showing people versatility. I’m constantly trying to push myself to break barriers and the idea that we have to stay in one lane… New Orleans is just a piece of what my sound is,” Dawn told Interview magazine regarding the new single. “For ’86,’ my producer Drew and I really went back to the basics. I also grew up listening to Prince, Genesis, Cyndi [Lauper], Peter Gabriel, and Phil Collins, which you hear a lot of in “’86.” Their sound resonated in my life and my childhood, so, it’s really in a sense the beginning of my story. And that’s exactly what “’86” and Goldenheart is for me. A new beginning.”

She continues: “’86’ is really the most naked single I’ve ever had. I did that purposely because when you’re presenting a story, you don’t start at page 50, you start at page one. “’86” is about the lyrics and the atmosphere-it tells you how I gave it all up to start this new journey. “’86” is actually a slang term-it means to get rid of something. For me, I’ve put up so many walls that I forgot if I was going to do this, that I can’t play the victim, I have to play the survivor. The song’s about ridding yourself of all those barriers so that you can be free and fight for love. That’s what everything I do now is about. The fight for love-what I love, and that’s the music.”

GoldenHeart is scheduled to hit stores October 16th.

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