6 Red Lipstick Secrets

To wear or not to wear? Red lipstick is a color that’s been an all time classic that helped women to portray a bold, sexy and elegant look. It’s also a color that can make or break a diva if not worn correctly. When you see artist like Gwen Stefani, Rihanna and let’s not forget the infamous, Marilyn Monroe, they all make red lipstick look FIERCE. However, when some women muster up the courage to try red lipstick, some find their new love while others add to their list of


The TRUTH about RED LIPstick is that everyone can wear it, but you have to know the secrets to choosing the proper shade and application. One big mistake women make when they try on red lipstick is they forget to tone down the rest of their makeup (blush, eye shadow etc.) which result in clownish look. The color red makes a statement of its own so when you apply the rest of your make up, be sure to go for a soft natural look. Here are some secret tips on how to make your red lipstick a love experience.

Secret 1

First and foremost, apply a concealer, especially around the border of your mouth; this will prevent the lipstick from “bleeding” aka smearing.

Match the shade of red to your skin’s undertone. We will use R&B artist to help give a visual effect, for example darker skin tones like Brandy would wear brown based reds, medium skin tones like Rihanna look great in true reds and lighter skin tones look great in lipsticks with orange shades. And of course if that’s not clear, I recommend that you visit your local make up store and get professional consultation from a makeup artist.

Secret 2

Line your lipstick with a liner that’s a slight shade darker than your lipstick, this will help define the lip line

Secret 3

There are two types of finishes you can have for your lipstick, glossy or matte. You will appreciate the lighter shades of red in a matte finish, it last longer, gives a sexy pout and it speaks “fierce woman”; need I say more? The glossy finish looks extraordinary in darker shades of red; it shimmers, gives a bold look and displays an “I’m every woman” image.

Secret 4

Don’t cheat yourself by purchasing a cheap lipstick because that’s the look you will get. Invest an extra dollar in your red lipstick once you find your shade.

Secret 5

Put a Q Tip in your mouth, and pucker up your lips and slowly pull the Q tip from your mouth, this will remove any excess color and will help prevent the lipstick on your teeth.

Secret 6

Wear it with confidence. The color itself speaks a thousand words; make sure your attitude and confidence say the same.

Which celebrity red matches your red?


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