Chris Richardson Talks Realness of Music, YMCMB, New Project, More

The YMCMB Crew has been expanding their brand a lot lately and that includes their new addition Chris Richardson, who is signed under Cash Money Records. Having his start on the popularly watched reality show, “American Idol”, Chris has been able to garner a lot of experience and support within the last few years. His writing credits are phenomenal, citing artists such as Jordin Sparks and Phil Stacey. He also plays a slew of instruments, which only adds to his soul rock aesthetic. With things moving fast paced for this newcomer, I took a minute to chat with Chris about his motivations and what fans can expect as his career moves forward!

Musical Start…. I was brought up in a musical family. My parents weren’t famous stars or anything like that, but my dad played the guitar. I was brought up in a military family so we moved around a lot and my dad was also a DJ. So, as a kid I listened to music a lot and I always had my ears plugged with headphones.

Cash Money Records…. My move to Cash Money Records came about through my manager. We’re actually from the same area so I linked up with him and he made a few phone calls, which led to me meeting with Birdman. They heard my music and were feeling it. The label truly does thrive off of workaholics. My interest in music really took off after a talent showcase in Virginia. Teddy Riley was actually a judge and I ended up being a runner up. Later on I found out that Teddy Riley wanted to work with me so it meant a lot for someone that huge to recognize me. It was sort of a turning point for me at the age of 17. It let me know that you can truly manifest your own destiny, you just have to stay working!

The Sound of “Blue-Eyed Soul”
…. With blue-eyed soul it really is about the freedom to be an individual. My songs are either written or co-written by me so there’s a great blend. My music and my sound have integrity and it’s an organic mix with urban beats. As artists and songwriters, you want to make music that identifies with your audience. I can use a quirky saying and make a song out of it, which I think is pretty cool. My connection is through the realness of my music.

J.T. Comparisons…. I really do take comparisons as compliments. I’m a fan of many sounds. I never go into the studio with any other artist’s sound in my head. I keep an open mind so that when I create people will latch on to the sound because it’s different. I wanna create a roller coaster, melodic, pop album!

Being an Instrumentalist
… It really depends on the feeling. I’ll hear something and say you know what would add a different element? Maybe some strings or more bass. I go in the studio and you know, everything is digital now so we can make a track off of our system and it’ll sound just as good if not better that live instruments. That allows for a sound that’s fresh and lightly organic.

Joy & Pain… With this song, it really was a collaboration. Detail had the idea and we just began to pick each other’s brain and started relating our ideas to real life. It’s really about the push and pull or a relationship and how everyday won’t always be good times.

Missing from R&B… I’m a big radio junkie. I’m a catchy musician and I love melodies and play on words! I don’t think anything needs to be put into or taken out of R&B. Artists live and breathe what they write about in songs and that’s important because it’s real.

Dream Collabo… Elvis! Rock and Soul man! He crossed demographics, races, and ages! I love when someone is original and that’s what he was. Just a shoe in, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones for sure. I would just go back and do the olden times!

In The Works… An album is definitely on the way. I’m still tossing around a few title ideas. I really want people to be able to put themselves into the story. I spent two and a half months putting together mixtape stuff so I’m thinking about putting a few songs out from that. I’m definitely gonna put out more videos on YouTube and more singles for the fans!

Watch Chris Richardson’s music video for the single “Joy & Pain” featuring Tyga.


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