5 Questions With Lydia Caesar, Plus Listen to Her Debut Album ‘Caesar’

Singer-songwriter Lydia Caesar has been on her independent grind for several years now. After securing a solid following from shows, the artist formerly know as “that Rock&B chick” is ready for the world to hear her full body of work. Released under the radar last month, on her birthday to be exact (August 16), her debut album Caesar is about putting past relationships behind her and celebrating new love. Tracks like “Sunset,” “Blind,” “No Regrets,” “The Most Beautiful,” and “St. Louis” paints the perfect story of Lydia’s state of mind as well as her music creativity.

As you listen to Caesar below, check out our five question sit down with Ms. Lydia:

What are the personal pieces of your story that went into this album?

CAESAR is very much a relationship album. It’s literally pieces of my old relationships and disappointments, as well as new found love and excitement. “The Most Beautiful” is such a true record for me. I wrote it about an old relationship that was just toxic. On the flip side, you have a record like “St.Louis,” a complete ode to being head over heels in love. Both very honest concepts from me, which makes them very relatable. “Sunset” is also a very personal one. That pressure we feel to be where we wanna be in life before its “too late”. It’s a very real feeling, and….I laid it all out lol.

What does the release of this debut project mean to you?

It means everything to me!! It is my debut album. My first full length body of work. I put so much into this. Being on the indie scene for a few years and building a fan base, it feels great to finally be able to say “here i am, get to know me better.”

How would you describe your sound?

Well I’m the artist formerly known as “that Rock&B chick” haha. And although I’ve evolved from JUST Rock&B, there are still traces of it in Caesar. I’m an R&B artist, with a pop voice that has soul to it. I like to let the listeners discover all the genre layers themselves. In one word, my sound is Colorful.

Which past and present artists influences your creativity?

Tina Turner, my rock soul is all her!! Michael Jackson, Alanis Morisette, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce. My style is very young Whitney. The hair, the colors. I’m obsessed with colors, so if I had to compare myself to someone style wise, it would definitely be her in the 80’s.

What’s next for Lydia?

Two videos for my first & second singles “Lottery” (which debuted on both major NY stations: Hot 97 & power 105.1) & “St.Louis,” and also lots of shows!! I’m at Joe’s Pub on Sept 29th along with Aaron Camper and I’m in Philly on the 18th of October. Also working on a Caesar Tour. Details on my website about that soon www.LydiaCaesarMusic.com.

Check out Lydia’s debut album ‘Caesar’ and let her know if you like it!

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