Newcomer Angelique Talks Learning The Industry, Conch Salad, Dating & Walking Barefoot

It’s impressive when a young lady is focused, respectful and driven in a wild unforgiving industry. Angelique, hailing from the beautiful island of Bahamas, is showing us that there is hope for the future. She is young, but very ready to take on the challenges in a knowledgeable manner. Singersroom had the opportunity to sit down in the studio with Ms. Angelique and talk about school, boys, understanding the music business and the beautiful Bahamas.

Where … I’m in the studio right now.

Me, Me & Me … I actually like to be very involved from the start to finish. It is important as an artist to make sure what I perform and what I do is me … very much me. I always tell the producer I can’t confidently perform something if I’m not feeling it in the studio so I make sure it’s right. I also co-write on all of my songs. It has to be right!

Preparation … I’m still independent. I’m still not signed yet, we have been having meetings with record labels. I have always entered in talent shows; always have participated in school plays, doing skits for my family, and sitting down and writing songs by myself. I am just doing what I like and trying to get better and better. I also study a lot on other artists and read on the industry so I know what I’m getting myself into.

Beautiful Bahamas
… I’m from the Bahamas. It’s very small compared to the rest of the world. It’s beautiful! Its home and I know my people so well. Its where my family, my dogs are. I like the beach and the trees. I like walking around barefoot and enjoying my family on Sundays. Sunday is a family day. My home is where my heart is, so I put my heart into my work. You can hear that I am an island girl in my music, that’s really important … being true to who I am.

Jam Rockin’ … I’m in the studio with all Jamaicans [Day of Interview]. The producer and his mom are from Jamaica … everyone is from the island to day. We are making something hot today.

Stage Show … Being on stage is amazing! The best part is being able to see peoples’ reaction to what I did in the studio. I like to watch them singing along with me and doing the dances with me. The stage is always a blur once I get off, its like a rush. I get very hyped and very excited before I get on stage … it’s when I’m in my element!

Rihana & Angelique
… I absolutely love Rihanna and I totally understand the comparisons. I’m a female and she’s a female from the islands. However, she is ten years older than me and we are different people. When they start listening to my music they will see the difference.

The Treasured Few … I look up to a lot of artist from the islands like Bob Marley and Rihanna. I also love Michael Jackson … I think he is perfection! I like James Brown, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Frank Ocean and Prince. I love amazing and great musicians

Beyond the Music … My favorite things to do is to spend time with my friends and family. I like going shopping and I like to just kick back and relax. I love going to the beach as well.

Dating with Strict Parents … They actually do let me date, my parents are not strict like that. I’m not dating right now though. It’s true island parents are strict because some of my friends can’t do anything, but me and my parents are open. We talk about everything so its cool

Balancing Act …. The hardest thing is balancing my music and school. My mom is my tutor. I try to get as much as I can done. If I stay on pace I’ll be graduating at 15. My mom and I love to see the rewards from working hard

Island Dishes … I love me some conch salad, stew conch or if I’m in Jamaica, I like festival, ackee and saltfish. I just like some real good food with a lot of salt and pepper. My grandmother is Jamaican so she makes ackee and salt fish for us. My father and grandfather are excellent cooks so my family always gets together and just eat.

Dance Machine … I love to dance. It’s important for me to be well rounded. I like to be involved in how I sing, developing the song and how I present the music on stage.

Things to Know
… I am a student, but I hate school. I like to learn during my personal time. I like to study stuff that catches my interest like the music industry. I love asking questions and learning new things.

Check out the music video for Angelique’s current single “Pull Up.”


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