8 Tips to Look R&B Celebrity Fresh in 8 minutes

All celebrities have a team that focuses on making sure they look beautiful at all times. Hair, skin, teeth etc are all parts of what makes an individual attractive. These tips are a beginning, but it is also important to understand who you are. For example, do you have dry or oily skin? What kind of hair do you have? What colors compliment your facial structure? These are all things you have to know and understand to make yourself be the best you. You may not have a beauty team, but you can still make it happen. You can be just as sexy and attractive as Beyonce, Brandy or Rihanna… it’s your world.

Follow these tips to attain a daily celebrity look:

1. Daily face washing at least twice per day depending on skin type (oily). Washing your face daily helps prevent break outs and keeps the skin refreshed.

2. Moisturizer, using some form of a moisturizer helps the skin have a nice glow, in addition to allowing the blush and eye shadow to settle on the skin for a natural look

3. Mascara, the use of mascara will help to accentuate the eyes. Find the right mascara that will give the lashes the length and volume you desire.

4. Use a Neutral color blush that will accent your complexion (neutral shades of pinks and bronzers depending on your skin color). Here’s a trick if you’re not sure on your color and you can’t make it to a professional makeup artist to get advice on the proper color. This may not work for everyone, however it will work for most. Make a tight fist and hold it for 10 seconds, the color you notice on the inside palm of your hand is the color you want to match your blush.

5. Neutral color eye shadow. Whether you’re going out for the evening or going shopping, a neutral color eye shadow (two toned or one tone) will enhance

6. Eyeliner is optional however if you want a slight dramatic look or simply to define your eyes, you can use eyeliner.

7. Clear mascara, many are not aware that clear mascara can be used to tame and groom eyebrows. Let’s face the facts here, when you don’t have time to get your eyebrows done, in addition to tweezing and filling in certain spots, you can use a clear gel mascara to help in grooming and shaping your eyebrows.

8. Neutral color lip gloss, use your favorite lip gloss to complete your look

What feature do you like about your favorite celebrity?

A. Brandy’s Pearly White Teeth
B. Rihanna’s Eyes
C. Beyonce’s Skin
D. Tell us yours.


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