Rapper Future Talks R&B on Dates, Smoking to Amy Winehouse, Cash Money, More

Future is a rapper’s rapper, but his life experiences has helped him have a deep appreciation for all genres. Growing up in the Kirkwood section of Atlanta to a hustling family wasn’t easy, but he showed people how you can take a negative and make it into a positive. Future sat down with us at the studio to discuss everything from his “future love child” with Solange, cash money, family and smoking with some Amy Winehouse.

Half On a Music Love Child … I would have a love child with Solange Knowles. Her style is so different and unique. We have different styles musically and style wise, but she would be the best artist for me to have a love child with.

Smoking and choking … When I am smoking the green herbals, I like to listen to Amy Winehouse. I love her voice!

Influenced By Many… Kool Moe Dee, Queen Latifah, Barry White, Al Green, The Temptations are all artists my family used to play. I always had my family around me and we always played music. My house was the house to be at.

Influencing the Influencer … I wouldn’t say anyone influenced me. I get inspiration from a lot of people. I want people to say Future did it his way. I just like being creative. My style is just like having 20 artists in one.

Family Affair … I come from a hustling family. My whole family were all hustlers from my grand parents to my cousins. No one had real jobs so everybody was super shocked when they started hearing me on the radio. They never knew it could happen to someone they could put their hands on. You know how it is when you grow up with someone and have memories with them. It feels like my uncle and my cousins that I looked up to looks up to me now.

Change The Game … I took the street mentality and I reversed it. I made it legit. I gave people a positive outlook. Now they look at me in a positive light. It’s hard to be able to wake up in the hood everyday and even harder to make it out. I look at the news and I see people I know, it makes me tremble. I appreciate everything around me because of the experiences I have had. I appreciate it cause I had to go through certain things. I always knew I was going through this for a better day. You can only go up from the bottom just have to have your spirit right.

Faces In The Crowd … I feel like even though we are not from the same place people still find a way to connect. They may connect to the lyrics, the hook or even the beat. They find something in the music that they can relate to. People can find something that applies to their daily life.

The formula … My formula is to be passionate about the music and to express myself. I don’t worry if it is a hit or not. I go in the studio with a free spirit and speak whatever I want.

Date Night … You got to listen to R&B when you’re on a date. It just sets the mood.

Concert … I like to chill when I am listening to R&B. I can’t chill at a concert.

Strip club … My favorite strip club is Magic City. I don’t even listen to the music at the strip club. I don’t want to hear no music. I can’t be all into the music when I am paying attention to my surroundings.

Radio … It was a great feeling having my song getting added. I never pay attention to the song that’s in rotation. I am always thinking about what’s next. It’s the pressure of trying to get the next song on the radio.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me … I love cash! Its all about where I came from. Everything was about cash money. I was fascinated by it at an early age. Cash rules everything around me! You can make someone happy. You can fix a lot of problems with money. It can make your problems go away. When you grow up around hustlers that’s what life is about … CASH MONEY!

Candy … My favorite candy has to be gummy worms.
Female Celebrity … Lauren London!
Desert … My favorite desert is cheesecake.
Sneaker … Balenciagas!
Haircut … The infamous fade.
Dance … My favorite dance is the “Beef It Up”.

Pick up Future’s new album ‘Pluto” Here. In addition, vibe to his latest music video “Turn On The Lights” below!