Ray Lavender Talks Sneaky Chicks, Stripping, His Crushes, More

There is an undeniable star quality about Mr. Lavender and it comes out in the way he walks, talks and sings. He has swagger, charisma and the glow. You can’t buy those things, you just have to be born with them. Ray Lavender had a chance to spill the beans about his crazy fan sleep overs, his Coming To America crush and the state of R&B. Check it out!

Sleep Over? … I had a chick sneak pass security and act like she had a key. She got in the bed and slept with me the whole night. I felt an arm on me and I knew no one went to bed with me the night before. I wake up to this chick in my bed. I was in shock and trying to figure out what had happened. I had been sick the night before. I wasn’t sure if I was being robbed or what! But she told the truth. She just wanted to be next to me. She was bad though! (Sexy!) Eventually we got to the bottom of it and made sure I wasn’t drugged. I thought I was being set up. That was crazy!

The Stripping Business … People go to the strip club to see who has the most money. Dudes in there are being egotistical. People want to know who got the biggest and best duffle bags. You throw all your money and then you go to the Waffle House? I don’t get it for the life of me. I just don’t understand how a grown ass man can throw up 40,000 in one night and leave alone to the waffle house.

Defining Diva …
Diva is a woman that is confident. She is a woman that can sing flatfooted and knows what she wants to sing. Chaka Khan is a diva. She just lost a lot of weight. She’ll go out with no shoes on and really go in… singing just like the album.

Crush On You …Tracy Spencer and the girl from Coming to America (Shari Headley) are my crushes. (She’s your queennnnnn to be!!!)

Kick The Truth To All The Youth … Just keep going and don’t stop. Get the right music and the right people around you. If you love music the music will love you back. If you give up, you never loved it in the first place.

Rhythm & Blues Lost… R&B is not missing anything. It’s just not being played. Tank is still making dope music! Keith Sweet is still making music! R&B is just not being played … don’t get it misconstrued. I told my team let’s go get Tank for some real R&B music. Now we have a lot of kids that are calling in for Cash Out, Future and 2 Chainz. It’s good music but younger fans control radio and music. If that’s what they request they got to play it. Back in the day we used to dedicate R. Kelly’s Bump & Grind to our girlfriend Keisha on the radio. There was different music for different situations.

Music’s Politics … I hate dealing with the politics! You have to know it thoroughly though or else you will be taken advantage of. Like I said, the music side is dope but the politics is horrible …it can be evil.

Smooth Getaway … Sweden! The people of Sweden are great people. I like the landscape, it’s real rocky and a lot of water. When it gets cold out there, the air is so clean and their snow is so beautiful. The women are also gorgeous! That is one of my favorite places.

My strength … I know how to lose and I know how to win.