Brooke Valentine: Return of Houston’s Girlfighter

R&B artist Brooke Valentine aka B. Valentine is back and she is grown. The singer/songwriter brought us a hard-hitting dirty South version of R&B that was embodied in her single “Girlfight” and her album ‘Chain Letter.’ After a long break, Valentine felt she owed it to her fans to express herself through her music. With a new perspective, Brooke is looking to shock some new fans and give old fans what they have been waiting so long for. Check out what Brooke had to say.

Definition of B… I can’t define myself in words. I can say I’m happy with myself. I would call myself indefinable. I tell people don’t try to get me. I don’t have any expectation and don’t have expectations for others. I just live and I try to make God and my son proud. My son is my motivation.

Good Ol’ Fast Life… Before the show all I would say was, “where’s my money at.” After the show all I would say was, “where’s my money at?” When we would get breaks I would say “lets do this or that.” It was non stop! I was kicked out the house at sixteen and I was living fast. However, I never drank, smoked or popped pills. The way I was living just didn’t have substance. I had a four bedroom house with three dogs, cars in the lot and a nanny. No one even came over. Back then I probably spent a month and a half at the house throughout the year in total… fast life.

CHANGE… I took a break to grow up and learn what life was about. I felt like I got to a point were I got lost. A break was definitely needed. I understand myself better now. I take time to think. Everything after “Girl Fight” and “Chain Letter” was like going down a one way street, going ninety something miles per hour in a nice car so you just don’t care. I had no schedule… nothing! I didn’t care about none of that. It wasn’t until my cousin (Chris) was murdered until I realized that people are dying. That moment changed a lot for me. All the money I had been making, all the cars really didn’t matter anymore. I needed to get to the things that really mattered. I drove my Benz off the lot with out a license. I had my friend test drive it. I had to have a driver. Looking back now that wasn’t cute to me. Now I want to be able to do for myself. I didn’t care about that then. I felt if you got the money and you could pay someone else to do something then it didn’t matter. It was a blessing to have the money but my perspective has changed. I live with substance now I realize how short life [is].

R.I.P. Chris… My cousin Chris was gunned down… it was really sad. He was shot so many times we had to do a closed casket funeral. People knew what happened, but they wouldn’t say anything. I was in Houston at a block party when it happened and I always think about how I could have prevented it. I feel like I should have had him with me or I should have went to his house first. All that should of would of could of doesn’t help.

Teaching The Future… Now, I talk to the teenagers. I show them how to represent themselves and conduct themselves. My girlfriends say I sound corny, but it makes me happy.

Just Smile… God makes me smile. Love, music, my son and second chances all make me smile. Every morning and every night you have a second chance. Every day you wake up you have a chance to apologize or make things right.

Me, Myself & Brooke… I have no filter. Sometimes I might say or do something then I’m like “Brooke why did you say or do that?” I’m a Libra! I am either partying on the table or crying under the table.

Mommy Dearest… She still trying to get used to the L.A. area, trying to find her way around, she trying to get used to not working and just enjoying herself. Now she helps with my son. She [had] been working with transit for twenty years [before] she finally left. I admire her strength. My mother calls herself a gospel diva. LOL

A Diva Is… Diva is what you make of it. To me a diva represents confidence. It could be a hero like Chaka Khan…the way she controls the microphone and sings. The word (diva) is so cute how could you make it bad?

Love & Love… I do have love in my life! I like to keep it private. This is something I’ve done over a decade. You get mad and fight but it’s a magnetic thing. But having a child you see what real love is. All these little things taught me about love.

Musical Maturity… The person that I am now is from me becoming more mature. In my new music, I had to talk about some things from my past. I am even more honest now compared to “Chain Letter.” If I had my way I would release an album every month.

Creativity over POPularity… I really struggle with the industry aspect of music. I just want to get next to a piano or guitarist and make music. I just want to have a connection with the fans. I don’t need the fame! It’s not something that I want or am into. I don’t need to have everyone saying that’s Brooke when I go to the store. I just want to be creative.

Candy and Sweets… Favorite candy… hmmm probably Skittles. If it’s candy I like fruity stuff, but I am into cupcakes. There is this spot in L.A. that makes the best strawberry cupcakes. Ummmm! I also could go with a rich milk chocolate.

Spirituality… My mother is an evangelist… I grew up in the church. I and my mom have a great relationship. My first album had something I wouldn’t really want to show my pastor. I’m not going to say my music and my spirituality is a conflict because now I could go into the church and have them play my music. Also, I just don’t want to shame my son. I’m a work in progress.

Chain Letter/Girlfight Fans… I’ve been gone a while so some of my fans are older but still remember me and the younger fans might not be familiar with me. I love it, though! It gives me a chance to show them something new. Some of my “Girlfight” fans might not be into me this time around but all my Chain Letter fans are still around to support me. “Girlfight” is a percentage of me. “Chain Letter” and other material I have released represent all of me. My fans are still with me and are so loyal.

Organic… The new album (“Forever”) is organic… it’s something that just happened.

P.S… “Just give Brooke a chance, listen and open your heart!”