LaTocha: Student of Whitney Houston, Mentee of Jermaine Dupri

Amongst the female groups of the 90s including TLC, En Vogue, and SWV, Xscape built a loyal following with powerful vocals and empowering female messages. As one fourth of the quartet, LaTocha Scott was known for her mezzo-soprano voice, which people imitated back then while using a comb or brush as their microphone (flashback).

With over a decade since we last heard the foursome sing “My Little Secret,” LaTocha stepped away from music to define her ideals of success. With sights on becoming successful as a solo entertainer, she has begun to extend the roots of her music legacy.

As an unofficial mentee of Jermaine Dupri and a student of Whitney Houston, Latocha retained knowledge of the business for a strategy in the works today. Leading the way are the singles “Bad Timing” and “Complicated” featuring Maybach Music’s rapper.

Check out this first piece of our chat with Latocha: