Brian McKnight Says People Aren’t Smart, Vows To Never Perform Song

Brian McKnight will never perform his memorable jingle about the female anatomy aka “Let Me Show You How Your P***y Works.”
According to McKnight, “people aren’t very smart” and concert promoters should know that song is only to be played behind closed doors.
“If I learned anything from this experiment, it’s that people aren’t very smart and they take themselves very seriously,” says McKnight. “Even though people have been asking for it during shows, ‘If Ur Ready to Learn’ is a song that’s musically incredible to me, but it should only be used in the bedroom.”
While McKnight considers the song a masterpiece, what really has him up in arms is Maryland residents boycotting a festival because he is on the line up.
According to the Baltimore Sun, some feel McKnight should not be performing at Artscape this weekend, an event they say has been and should remain family friendly.
In a letter published last month, Baltimore resident Brad Smith said he would not attend Artscape if McKnight was allowed to perform.
“Why in the world anyone would think this man to be an appropriate musical act for a wonderful family event like Artscape is beyond me, but it’s clear that it is absolutely irresponsible and unacceptable for Artscape’s organizers to retain Brian McKnight’s ‘talents’ in any way,” Smith wrote.
Despite the letter and others who agree with Smith, Artscape organizers will allow McKnight to perform. Noting they have been trying to get the Grammy winner on the bill for years, organizers said the price was right this year.
As for McKnight, he says there is nothing to gain from this song in terms of relevance or controversy.
“People talk about relevance, but do you think I care about relevance?,” he says. “I don’t have to talk about my stats.”