Tyrese Speaks on Personal Revelations, Candid Fan Encounter, More

Tyrese is a man on a mission to conquer the world, or so it seems. He released his most recent album “Open Invitation” independently and wrote and released a book titled “How to Get Out of Your Own Way.” The jack-of-all-trades entertainer exclusively performed for and chatted with AOL’s The BoomBox to reveal the deeper person beyond the persona that is the actor and soulful smooth musical performer. Black Ty revealed how satisfied he felt with his independent release. The successful ranking on the charts became a confirmation for the spiritual artist. “Anybody who knows me knows that I’m very obedient to what God says and asks me to do,” he said. “…I listened. Then to get a confirmation of all of these No. 1s, and how long it was No. 1… I took a leap of faith and I landed on my feet,” he said.

His leap of faith to release “Open Invitation” independently prompted the singer to realize that we, as people, often stunt our spiritual growth because of fear, and that we as individuals have the power to change our surroundings. “It’s an everyday challenge to get out of our own way,” he says. “And if you have a problem with your friends, why are they still your friends? You’re in your own way. You don’t like your job, why are you still there?” he asks. All this lead to the authorship of “How to Get Out of Your Own Way,” a self-help book in stores now. He learned he was in his own way and enrolled in anger management classes. “I wake up every day just trying to figure out what can I do to be better, do better, achieve more…I’m in anger management, and I’m in anger management because I decided to do it on my own,” he admits.

And when it comes to his fans, Ty appreciates them and aims to please. The singer candidly describes a surreal encounter with a female fan. “Without sounding self-consumed, I will say that one of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had with a woman was after we finished rubbing bodies, she said to me, ‘I already knew what I was going to do to you before I even got here,'” he describes. “I appreciate her.”

Another thing he appreciates is music. Being a sought-after actor in Hollywood and with all the endeavors in he’s pursued in his life, Tyrese still calls music his first love. It all boils down to this: “When I do music these are my babies, these are my songs, these are my feelings, and I am able to create that experience for the fans and supporters, musically. So it really doesn’t compare. I love doing both, but music is my first love.”