K. Michelle Talks Mixtape, Tamar Braxton’s Legal Threat Rumors

Fresh off Monday’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” K. Michelle has released the anticipated mixtape “0 F**ks Given.”
A reflection of her life and personality, the mixtape is one K. Michelle says everyone can relate to.
“The mixtape is just a lot of different things. I’m not just one kind of artist. I love different kinds of music. It shows my personality,” K. Michelle told K Empire Radio. “It’s just records I think everybody will relate to.”
While the mixtape is definitely something R&B fans will enjoy, with songs like “Bury My Heart,” “Baby You and I” and “Pillow,” there is a little drama associated with K. Michelle as of late.
Following a few comments made on Twitter, her calling Tamar Braxton a “muppet” and Tamar allegedly filing papers on her, K. Michelle says “I wish her the best in whatever.”
“I’m from Memphis and a piece of paper don’t scare me. I wish her the best in whatever,” K. Michelle told K Empire when asked about a possible cease and desist order.
According to K. Michelle, Tamar is just one of many that come for her and it’s funny because they don’t expect her, as an artist, to respond.
“People always come for me and when I say something back, then I’m crazy or I’m out of control. People don’t expect artists to do anything,” says K. Michelle. “I’m not that type of artist. I’m a person first. You come for me, I’m gonna pop off on you. I don’t fight all battles, but I feel like if you’re on a platform certain things you shouldn’t say unless you know something about (it).”
As for Tamar’s papers, K. Michelle says she can do whatever.
“You can send letters or do whatever you need to do. I don’t care.”
K. Michelle’s “0 F**ks Given” mixtape is available now.