9 Must Haves For The Beach

The beach is the place to be during the hot summer weather. Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are not the only people that can have fun in the sun. Proper planning prevents poor performance so make sure you pack accordingly for the beach. Items like protective hats, beach towels and sunscreen will help to make the beach a more enjoyable and safe experience. Here are a several things you may want to bring.

Protective Hat – It’s hot so that means you must protect your self from the dangerous sun rays you also must look cute. Duh! First you have to look for something that is lightweight and has a protective brim for shade. Shade is idle during these summer months. Try a straw summer hat or a floppy stripped hat. Color is everything so make sure you’re not scared to get a little spicy.

Beach Towels – One beach towel is cool if you’re not a swimmer and you just want to bath in the sun. However, if you are ready to get it wet make sure to pack a beach towel. Ladies already understand the difference between a beach towel and a regular bathing towel. Men make sure you bring a beach towel which is a little bigger than you average towel.

Sunglasses – The two biggest things are UV protection and the fashionable the glasses are. Make sure your sunglasses fit the shape of your face. Try Solstice or Sunglass Hut if you’re looking for the latest in sunglasses wear. You can also try out stores which offer great discounts like Century 21 or Daffy.

Beach Tote – Yes, you have to be prepared for the beach so you need something sexy to carry all your must have items. In order to allow space for snacks, beverages, towels, makeup, etc you need a beach tote. Its all about how you feel and how you want to look. Make sure it is functional as well as cute. You have the choice of plastic, straw, mesh and waterproof beach totes. There are so many brands and colors so make sure you find something that may match that gorgeous bathing suit and accessories.

Flip Flops – Ladies leave those shoes in your tote and get some cute flip flops. Men should also have their flip flops ready. Ladies and GENTLEMEN make sure to get a pedicure! There is nothing worse than a person ready for the beach with ugly crusty toes. Yuck!

Folding Chairs – A folding chair is a must for those who want to be as lazy as possible. You can do without a folding chair but why should you. If you are going to the beach, you might as well go prepared. If you can spring for a folding chair with a cover go ahead and get it.

Digital Camera – You can’t put a price on memories. The digital camera is a great way to capture all the memories of your day.

Sunscreen – Take care of yourself! SPF, water-resistant sunscreen should be put on prior to hitting the beach. This will keep you looking young. (If you are a little darker please don’t think you’re immune to the harmful rays.)

Beach Umbrella – It’s the beach so we are assuming that there is no shade. Make sure you get an umbrella when the sun gets too hot.

Have fun and enjoy the beach.