Kay Tunes: Part-Time Hustle For a Lifelong Dream

When faced with choices of doing what is right (what is expected of you) or following your dreams, what would you choose? Kay Tunes took both options. First she tried to go down the conventional path, pursuing a college degree at Old Dominion College, but the beat to follow her passion placed her on a track with music full-time. On her new mission, the Richmond, V.A. native found a partner and mentor in Grammy nominee producer Demario “Rio” Brigdes. While working several part-time jobs to fund her dream, the pieces for her first project, ‘Story of Emotions,’ started to fall into place. Now, her first project is complete as she talks with Singersroom about her mentor, cementing a legacy, and worst side job.

Working For Music… At one point I was really struggling to pay for it. I was like I’m here in school and I’m working really hard, but this is not really where my heart is and I really was not happy with this cause I knew my heart was in my music. I said I am going to go home, work two or three jobs just to be able to do it. That is what I did. I came home and started working on music full time.

Worst Hustle Job… Probably working for the hotel. I was working the night shift and people would come in off the street, just out of the blue. Anybody could walk-in, there was no security. It was kind of dangerous in a sense, but at that time that is what I had to do.

Find A Mentor & Creative Partner… Me and Rio had heard of each other for a long time; I was suppose to meet him years prior and it never transpired. Fast forward we had a mutual friend, Lee Major, he had a partner at the time and I was doing reference work for them. I was going in to sing certain reference on songs, also writing. I was at their studio and Rio came through and was like I know you I know your face and struck up a conversation. We just were talking back and forth, and he was like I’ll have you do some reference work for me. I went and did the work for him and we started making all these songs and came up with great ideas. We did not realize at the time that we were actually creating ideas for the EP.

Rio Pulling The Best… He was the first producer to ever really let me be me and listen to my musical journey. Listen to what it was I wanted to convey and the quality of my music. That was important to me because I have a story to tell. He was the first person interested enough in my story; my story is gonna relate to a lot young girls out there, a lot guys out there.

A Story & A Dream… My story is based on every emotion I felt up until this point in my life. It is funny because most of the emotions people can relate to. The love, falling in love, falling in and out of love as a young woman. Going through the ups and downs of just life period and that’s my story; the trials and tribulations of working towards a dream.

Friendship With An Ex-Lover… I truly believe whenever you have dealt with or loved a person; I definitely can be friends with somebody I loved but it didn’t work out. I can care about them from a far, we can be friends from a far. If I see you out “hey what’s up” but we ain’t calling each other or going out.

Allowing Strangers Into My Life… It is a very vulnerable feeling. I am a very private person, I am so private. It is a vulnerable feeling to think this song was about somebody and they may realize it is about them. But in a way, it is a freeing thing to; to be able to let go of a lot of things too. It is a good thing.

To Move Kay’s Heart… It takes a good conversation to move Kay. It takes intelligence. Those things will definitely move me.

Cementing a Legacy… I want to be an artist that people can respect, I have a lot of integrity in my music; I want people look to me for truth. Every song that I sing is truth; its coming from my heart. It is heartfelt. It is not a gimmick.