Kelly Rowland Talks ‘Agressive Approach’ To Next Album

Kelly Rowland is more excited than ever when it comes to her as-yet-untitled fourth studio album.

A follow up to “Here I Am (2011),” Rowland says having a true concept for this project is what makes it so exciting.

“I am more excited going into it this time than last time because I have a concept. I’m making this album for my ladies, oh, yes, and it is strong,” says Rowland.

Ensuring the album has the right energy, Kelly Rowland has recruited producers she says believe in the concept.

“All of the producers I’ve been working with get the concept so much that they brought in a little more aggressive and sometimes masculine approach, but there is a really incredible top line: I want to tell women how incredible we are, how our intuition is so spot-on. Sometimes we don’t listen to it, but it is the thing that can actually make us happier.”

In related news, Kelly Rowland covers the latest issue of Vegas magazine. In the magazine there is a solid spread of images along with talk of her past with Destiny’s Child and how Hitsville U.S.A. inspired her last album. Kelly also talks about the shoot and more in behind the scenes video below.